Thursday, January 22, 2015

Randoms on a Thursday

Hi Folks! I know its been bare around here so I thought I'd do this little "currently" questionnaire! Borrowed from Allie :)
Making: an effort to eat healthier & get serious about my work outs again. No, I did not make a "new years resolution" to do this. But I am trying.... also making beauty YouTube videos now if you haven't noticed in my previous posts. :)

Cooking: BLAH! Thats how I feel about cooking lately. I have no motivation. I made homemade pizza last night. Little tip: add red pepper & oregano to your sauce. It will do amazing things to your pizza.

Drinking: water. & of course had a delicious Coca Cola earlier today. Referencing back to that whole eating healthier thing. Its a work in progress.

Reading: a book Santa (aka my hubs) gave me for Christmas. Rhythms of Grace. Check it out.

Wanting: ALL THE MAKEUP! All the new makeup coming out really. Like I need more. I know. Its a problem.

Looking: forward to things to come. finishing school (a long way off), singing at our new church, buying a house at some point.

Wishing: I was on vacation right now. I could use a tropical vaca. Getting a massage at a resort on the beach somewhere. My dream vaca.

Waiting: for 5 o'clock. duh.

Liking: my praise & worship music lately. well I always like it, but I've been mostly listening to just p&w lately.

Wondering: what mine & my husbands future holds.

Loving: our new church we have been attending the past few months.

Needing: some delicious coffee. & a piece of pumpkin bread from Sbucks. #allthecalories

Smelling: my Pacifica Island Vanilla Hand Cream. Try it out!

Wearing: my little moccasin shoes, that I think are really meant to be house slippers, but I wear them to work anyways. #idowhatiwant  & jeans/shirt of course.

Feeling: excited tomorrows FRIDAYYYYYY

Opening: my water bottle, spilling water down my shirt. #thestruggle
Sad excuse for a post but hey! It is what it is! 
Check out my YouTube for really though. (link in the side bar) K thanks :)