Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Having kids has been on my mind lately..... Well I should say just wondering when I will actually have the desire to have children. I look at all the cute babies on social media, yes I "Ooo & Ahhh" over them. But I am in no way shape or form ready for a child. (& I'm kinda scared to be even writing this post because what if I was to become prego in the near future.... ya know cause God has a sense of humor like that sometimes)  Of course I want to have kids one day... but I just feel like I'm never going to actually get to that point where I am ready? Does that make sense?....

Andrew & I were talking about having kids recently (JUST TALKING.... not like talking "hey lets have a baby" talking) and I told him it pretty much just stresses me out to the max thinking about having children... Which pretty much says I am not ready for a child. I am terrified of actually having the child. I don't do pain. Or blood.... or hospitals. I hate it all. It freaks me out.... Like I can't even handle a child crying in a store. It doesn't even have to be a loud cry. I'm just like seriously someone please handle that kid right now. It makes me anxious. Seriously, just ask my mom, its happened multiple times when we are out shopping.

I've just been wondering... do you get to that point where it all just clicks? & your like hey I'm ready to have a baby!.... I feel like I am never going to get to that point... & I probably shouldn't even be thinking about all of this right now... or stressing over it. Andrew & I have only been married 9 months. But then again its already 9 MONTHS. We said we would probably start trying to have a baby at 2 years..... That is not that far off people! I think maybe that's where all this came from. Its almost already a year we've been together. THAT IS CRAZY. Time is flying by. It feels like we just got married yesterday. (but then it feels like we've been together forever... I know, I'm nuts. Don't judge)

Another thing that scares me about having a child is being a good example for him or her. I know, you're probably thinking "you're just thinking about that?". But when I think about having a kid I just think about the pain of childbirth and the no sleep thing. I hate pain & I LOVE sleep. (we've been over this...) But it really hit me recently when I was at my parents church one Sunday morning. The hubs was out of town so I went to church with them instead of our church. & because my Daddy was doing puppets for the service they were having for all of the kids. (he's a pretty awesome puppeteer, he even does the voices) The children's pastor preached that day (also the man who married Andrew & I) He was preaching about how parents are examples for their kids. Whether they want to be or not. Its sad how many parents just drop their kids off at church & don't actually go. It was kinda a slap in the face for me, like hey Ashli you really gotta get yourself together before you have a kid! I never really thought about how much your kids look up to you. How they watch your every move. They learn what kind of person to be by the kind of person you are. Of course there are always outside sources they learn from but you primarily are teaching your children who they should be. THAT IS SCARY.... Would I be a good example for my kids? Will I be... Its a lot to think about. It makes me want to work even harder to be a better person. A better wife. Friend. Believer. etc... So my children can look at me one day & be proud of who their moma is.

In all reality if Andrew & I got prego tomorrow (but really God, please don't...) I would be ok with it. I would pretty much just accept it as Gods timing. It would be meant to be. Gods timing is never on our time.

So are you a lunatic like me about having children? Does it scare you? Or how did you handle it if you've already had kids?

Or maybe just make me feel better by telling me you've had some of the same feelings! ;)

Monday, October 28, 2013

Home decor & guns

Happy Monday everyone! I am a little perkier than usual on this Monday. Not sure why. Maybe its the cool weather us Floridians have been having the past few days! I love it!

A couple of weekends ago me and my mom in law went to an event in Jacksonville called Rustapalooza. (look it up on FB) They have a bunch of antique/furniture refurbishing/all things rustic vendors come together for a big sale. It was UH - MAZING! I could've bought everything in the place. Some of the things were pretty pricey but others were decent. Like Southern Blessings Furniture. I love her stuff! I bought some red shutters from her for only $30! That is cheap yall. I think a lot of the rustic/antique stuff is high right now because everyone is so into it. (we can all say thank you to Pinterest for that!) But antique stuff can be pricey anyways... Check Southern Blessings Furniture out of FB if you are in the Jacksonville area. Her stuff is gorgeous and good priced. Here are the shutters I bought from her....

Southern Blessings Furniture

I am thinking about doing something like this with my shutters....


Last week I went to a Goodwill to drop off some clothes and I decided to just browse around while I was there... I saw an older style dresser that I absolutely loved and it was only $45! So I took a picture and sent it to my hubs. He liked it too! I went back that night to get the dresser and it was already sold! I was so sad! I really wanted it so I could paint it in a rustic teal color for our bedroom in our new place. So I am on the look out for an old dresser! I will find one at some point! Here are my ideas for my dresser...




Although I didn't get my dresser, I did not leave empty handed ladies! I got a china cabinet! I really just wanted the bottom piece (it disconnects from the cabinets on top for the china) to use as a buffet table (or whatever you want to call it....) I think it would be too cluttered with the top piece, in the space I plan to put it in our new place. I am going to paint is black and rough it up a little bit to make it look rusted. My mom in law is an expert painter & expert in giving furniture the rustic look. So I've got all the secrets of "rustic painting" from her! ;) This is the bottom piece...

& this is my idea for the buffet cabinet...

 Have you been doing any DIY home decor?

This past weekend I got to spend some QT with my hubs. This is what QT looks like for us...

We do actually go out on dates too! lol. But the hubs has been in huntin mode for the past couple months so we went shootin'. He's getting me ready for when I go huntin with him in GA sometime in the next couple of months. I'm not a "hunter" whatsoever ,but I told him I would try it out. I don't think my shopping trips on the weekends will turn into huntin trips though, but I'll at least go with him once. But I will enjoy spending time with him and seeing those pretty GA fields. I LOVE riding through GA and seeing all the farms & farm houses.& I LOVE my hubs of course! :)

Do you join in on your hubs/boyfriends hobbies?

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Hubs Birthday

Good Morning! & happy happy Friday!! I am a little late at posting this... I've been slacking lately. I know I know. Andrews birthday was Wednesday the 16th. (also the 16th marks a year I have been at my job, how awesome is that?!) He turned the big 27! Mannnnnnn he's getting really close to 30! Thats going to be weird when I'm still riding my 20s and he turns 30. LOL. Love you babe :)

The poor thing had to work on his birthday and go to school! Boo! I think it should be a rule you always get your birthday off. Nobody wants to work on their birthday! He did however get off early because the guy he works under is pretty nice. & its called the favor of the Lord!
He goes to school at night so he didn't get home until 9:30 or so. But I did get to see him for about 5 minutes after I got off work before he went to school. I brought him some of his favorite cookies from The Cookie Bokay. Their cookies are uh-mazing! Check out their Facebook page! When he got home from school I had his favorite dinner cooked Shepard's Pie! His Moma's recipe of course! Its one of my favorites too!

Its crazy how fast time goes by, it feels like we were just celebrating his birthday last year. Time flies when your having fun right?! We definitely have had some fun together. We have been married almost 9 months now. I can't remember how my life was before Andrew. & I don't want to. I couldn't imagine not having him in my life. God definitely knew what he was doing when he brought us two together. I couldn't have asked for a better man to spend the rest of my life with. He's a mans man. A hardworking man. A man who will run himself into the ground & do whatever he has to do to provide for us. He's strong. He is so appreciative. He always tells me thank you for the littlest things I do for him. He is selfless. He puts me before himself or anyone else. He makes me want to be a better person, a better wife. Most of the time I feel like hes a better husband, than I am a wife lol. I don't know how he puts up with me sometimes. He always lifts me up and encourages me when life knocks me down. He makes me giggle. He makes me smile. He amazes me. I never really thought I would ever find a man like him. I thought it was just an image of how a man should be I made up in my head that didn't really exist. Little did I know God had other plans. Big plans. I am so thankful for my sweet husband, my best friend.

I hope you enjoyed your first "married birthday" babe :)

Monday, October 14, 2013

A Crafty Weekend

I finally did some Fall decorating this weekend! As I mentioned I was going to do in my previous post.

My Ma & I went shopping Saturday to get all of our supplies. Which ended up looking like this....

It was madness! We were in Michaels for about an hour! We went to Joanns Fabric Friday night but they were fresh out of everything we needed. We did some more shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond on Saturday. Where I got some new throw pillows for our new couch! Which I am pretty excited about. I can't wait to move into our new place.

this is the back of my Moms van! Ha! Looks like we were Black Friday shopping!

The shopping got a little out of control as you can see! & this was before we even went grocery shopping!
If we don't know how to do anything else WE CAN SHOP YALL. :)

Here is the start of my wreath I've been working on. Made of burlap and cream/gold colored "deco mesh" (the fancy term for mesh looking ribbon). & I'm going to add some big flowers to it! I can't wait to finish it!

Another Fall project I was working on...

The Pinterest Version

My version

I think mine is pretty close to the Pinterest version! What do you think?! It was super easy. I got the mason jars, sunflowers, floral foam to stick the flowers in, and the moss to hide the flower stems from the Dollar Tree. The Dollar Tree yall! Where everything is $1. Can't beat it. Then I got the little stems with berrys, gold spray paint and the twine I tied around the jars from Michaels. All of their Fall floral stuff was on sale.
Crafting with my Ma was so much fun! I love it!

My hubs was gone all weekend to go hunting in GA. I miss him when he's gone. But obviously I know how to keep myself busy! Ha! But I love when he sends me pictures like this...

One of the peanut fields at the farm where his hunting club is...
I wish I lived on a farm like this... I would just go walk around outside everyday and enjoy the view. I am definitely a southern girl at heart. :)

What did you do this weekend? Have you been crafting too?

Friday, October 11, 2013

I have an addiction...

::AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH:: That is my angelic sound because its Friday!! FINALLY.

Onto my post......
Hi my name is Ashli & I have an addiction... to home decor, holiday decorations etc etc. I have been slammin Pinterest in the last week with Fall decorations. & even dipping into the Christmas decor a little too. (I know I know, slow it down Ashli) It kinda sucks though because we live in a 1 bedroom apartment right now so I have very limited space to decorate. Pretty much no space. BUT we are moving soon then the decorating IS ON YALL!

I am planning to make a Fall centerpiece this weekend with a chicken wire basket and some pumpkins/fake hay stuff. (lets not get all technical ok?) AND my mom & I are making wreaths this weekend. We are FINALLY going to Joanns to get the supplies! I am so excited I can hardly contain myself! (seriously its the little things in life)

Here are some of the things I've been pinning lately. Follow me on Pinterest. I think my page is still under my maiden name... Ashli Holton. or try Hall. We can trade ideas :)

Via Pinterest
 This is more of a Halloween decoration but you could spray paint them any color to match whatever season.

Via Pinterest
 I am in love with those Mums in the basket. LOVE (those are Mums right?...)

Via Pinterest/Better Home & Gardens
 LOVE that table runner. Its a DIY'er

Via Pinterest
 Chicken wire all day errrrday

Via Pinterest
 And old tool box kinda thing for a centerpiece!

Via Pinterest
These are the types of wreaths we are going to attempt to make. NOT going to be this fancy but one day!

Via Pinterest
 Whoda thought to use corn?! Pinterest amazes me.

Via Pinterest
 Another freakin amazing wreath! In love.

What have you been pinning lately? Do you have an addiction like I do? :)

Monday, October 7, 2013


What is faith? According to Hebrews 11:1... "Faith means being sure of the things we hope for & knowing that something is real even if we do not see it." (NCV) If you're human (which I hope you are) you probably struggle with faith from time to time. Faith in Gods timing. Faith in everything working out. Just faith in general. 

I have had some stuff going on in my life lately. Some medical issues, trying to get our new place ready to move in etc. it seems like there is always something going on. Life is just busy. Aside from normal everyday stuff, full time jobs, cooking, laundry etc. Then you add the extra "stuff" and life can get pretty hectic. That is when I struggle most with my faith... I mentioned I've had some medical issues going on lately. Nothing major. It all ended up well & good. But I'd be lieing if I didn't think "what if?" at some point. I have a bad habit of letting the "what if?" thoughts creep in when I've got an issue going on in my life. I am a worrier. I over analyze every single thing. (pretty much like every other woman on the planet) But usually I snap myself out of it and say "Yeh what if?! So what! God would provide. God would take care of everything." We always think oh that will never happen to me. Whatever "that" is. But what if it did? How would you react? Would you react with faith? Or with doubt? I would hope I would react with faith. It's hard sometimes. But God promises He will always provide. He promises He will take care of us. That He has a plan for us. & He can't go back on His word. 

What area of your life, involving faith, do you struggle with most?