Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sharing a little marriage advice

Good Morning folks! & Happy Wednesday :)

Just wanted to share a post I was reading this morning. Married or plan to be married one day read this. Lyndsay has some really great points in her post. I think one of my favorites is "Make your home a fun place". That is so true. & needed to keep your sanity in this crazy life. I love when my husband & I just talk & laugh with/at each other. Those are the best times. Your home should be your safe haven from the world. Your stress free zone. Your one place in the world that makes sense. I have that with my husband in our home & I will do everything I can to always keep it that way.

Little corny but #truth :)

Sunday, September 21, 2014

My Fall Decor

As I have mentioned many times before, I am a home décor junkie! I absolutely love decorating my house for Fall & Christmas. & pretty much any other time of the year!

So I wanted to share my décor for this years Fall season with you guys!

My f all arrangement my mom started for me & I finished.
Floral stems - Michaels.
Tin Bucket from a craft show last year.

This is on my little bar area in my kitchen,
Jar & potpourri - Marshalls.
Pine Cone tree - Bealls Outlet.
Leaf Garland - Dollar General.
Can't remember where I got the tin star. 

End table in my living room.
Sunflowers - Michaels
Had the mason jar, not sure from where.
(on a side note, save your old spaghetti jars. they are great for crafts!)
Basket bought last year - Bealls Outlet
Pumpkins bought last year - Michaels

Other end of my bar area in my kitchen.
Tin Milk can - Antique store
Floral Stems mix - Michaels, Marshalls & Kirklands
(bought the cotton stems from Kirklands last year)
Rustic Box -Bealls Outlet
Pumpkins - Michaels

I love my Simple Blessings box! I can change out the flowers for every season
Box - Bealls Outlet (last year)
Floral Stems - Michaels

You may remember my wreath from last year
I just change out the flowers for each season. Or leave it plain with just the burlap.
It is currently hanging on my laundry room door. Hence the sign :)

My table arrangement
Gold leaf place settings - Marshalls
Cake plate - wedding gift
Table Runner - Marshalls
Again jar & potpourri- Marhalls
Mason jar with sunflowers I also made last year

side view of table :)

So obviously Marshalls is a good place to shop for home décor. Good prices. & Michaels is the best for finding all your floral fall stems. They are actually having a sale right now too! 50% off on all fall floral. So go fast & get it before its all gone!

Happy decorating! :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday rambles

Why yes I am still alive! I know you were wondering.

Its Tuesday but kinda feels like a Monday. I woke up with a headache this morning. So not completely feeling it today. #cantwaitfortheweekend

So what have I been up to? School, work, home. That is about the extent of my life right now. I mentioned in my last post I was starting back college. I feel like all I've been doing is algebra. It is a very fast paced class or I am just a weeny. I'm not sure yet. I literally woke up one morning doing an algebra problem in my head. Not ok! I would like to say I have been pleasantly surprised how well I'm catching on in the class though. I've always loathed algebra & never been any good at it. (my husband says I never applied myself to be good at it, but what does he know) But I'm pretty much kickin' tail & takin' names right now if you will. I just had my first test this past weekend & I passed! Pretty excited for myself. I usually freak myself out when it comes to tests. I was super nervous but my Hubs helped keep my stress level down. He's the best.

On another note, work has been pretty busy lately. I am training with my boss because I am going to be covering her job while she is out for surgery. Well covering as much as I can learn between now & then. Also I am training a new employee. & I am trying to keep up with my own work too. Its been a tad stressful. But I haven't had a breakdown yet. Hopefully I will keep myself together & not turn into a crazy lady. (which happens often when I stress)

I am pretty excited about fall starting next week! I have already put up my fall decorations at my house. I will make an attempt to take some pics to post. Can't make any promises though.
Now if Florida could just start getting cooler temps I'd be in heaven. But it is Florida, so you know how that goes if you're a Floridian. #agirlcandream

& I am excited for the fact that I get Christmas Eve, Christmas Day & the day after Christmas off from work this year! I know its super far away, but I am excited regardless. 5 whole days off & Christmas. #bestthingever

Well this was kind of a sad excuse of a post but hey at least I made it here today. This little space will probably be more bare than usual because of my busy schedule. But gotta do what I gotta do. I'll be seeing you guys around :)