Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday rambles

Why yes I am still alive! I know you were wondering.

Its Tuesday but kinda feels like a Monday. I woke up with a headache this morning. So not completely feeling it today. #cantwaitfortheweekend

So what have I been up to? School, work, home. That is about the extent of my life right now. I mentioned in my last post I was starting back college. I feel like all I've been doing is algebra. It is a very fast paced class or I am just a weeny. I'm not sure yet. I literally woke up one morning doing an algebra problem in my head. Not ok! I would like to say I have been pleasantly surprised how well I'm catching on in the class though. I've always loathed algebra & never been any good at it. (my husband says I never applied myself to be good at it, but what does he know) But I'm pretty much kickin' tail & takin' names right now if you will. I just had my first test this past weekend & I passed! Pretty excited for myself. I usually freak myself out when it comes to tests. I was super nervous but my Hubs helped keep my stress level down. He's the best.

On another note, work has been pretty busy lately. I am training with my boss because I am going to be covering her job while she is out for surgery. Well covering as much as I can learn between now & then. Also I am training a new employee. & I am trying to keep up with my own work too. Its been a tad stressful. But I haven't had a breakdown yet. Hopefully I will keep myself together & not turn into a crazy lady. (which happens often when I stress)

I am pretty excited about fall starting next week! I have already put up my fall decorations at my house. I will make an attempt to take some pics to post. Can't make any promises though.
Now if Florida could just start getting cooler temps I'd be in heaven. But it is Florida, so you know how that goes if you're a Floridian. #agirlcandream

& I am excited for the fact that I get Christmas Eve, Christmas Day & the day after Christmas off from work this year! I know its super far away, but I am excited regardless. 5 whole days off & Christmas. #bestthingever

Well this was kind of a sad excuse of a post but hey at least I made it here today. This little space will probably be more bare than usual because of my busy schedule. But gotta do what I gotta do. I'll be seeing you guys around :)

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