Friday, June 28, 2013

I dedicate this lovely Friday to.......


Luke who you say?..... If you just asked that question then you probably will have no interest in this post.

& you just lost cool points.....

The one & only Luke Bryan of course!!!!

Reasons why you should love Luke.

The man can shake it. Shake it for me country boy!

he has a gorgeous smile!
He's humble. When he won Entertainer of the Year he seriously about broke down on stage.
The man knows how to handle a gun. & looks good doing it too.
He's a family man. Precious.
He can rock a pair of skinny jeans like no other!
He's friendly.
He's got style.
He sings & entertains like nobody's business!

& it bears repeating... he knows how to shake it
thumbs up for Luke!

His new album comes out in a month & 16 days (yep I counted)

I hope you enjoyed the man candy on this lovely Friday :)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Many Shades of Ashli's Hair

my bestie Bri & I, one of our many cosmic bowling nights 2009, dark brown with some blonde on top & chunky blonde pieces underneath

Christmas show 2009, my hair is pretty much black here

2010, little lighter than the 2009 picture

MY cousin Sheanice & I , beach day March 2012. My hair is SO faded. This is what happens when I don't keep up with the coloring, it turns a reddish color.
May 2012, this is probably my favorite hair color of mine. Dark brown with chunky blonde.
August 2012, Tampa FL trip for Luke Bryan concert, Lots & lots of highlights on top, kept it brown underneath

I don't know if you're like me but I'm slightly obsessed with coloring my hair. I know I know, its not good for it. But I only do it every 3 months usually. (thats good right?) My natural hair color is like a light brownish dirty blondish color. (that is a for real color y'all, look it up!) I don't like my natural color though. Its boring. I usually stick to the darker colors in fall & winter. And throw some blonde in it in the summer. Like this Friday I have a hair appointment!!! I am putting some blonde back in it! I'm excited!! I've been on the dark side for too long. I need some blonde in my life.... I love my hair dresser Kayla! Shes awesome! AND she is the one who introduced Andrew & I. I had been going to her about a year when my ex & I broke up. A few months after the break up she asked me if I was dating anyone & I wasn't so she started telling me about hers & her husbands friend Andrew. (or Box as they all call him, because he is bigger than a refrigerator box or something like that.. the boy is 6'4...) I was going to a different hair salon but it was just becoming way too expensive. So I started going to Kayla because some of my family went to her and she did such a great job! She was less expensive & closer to my house. Its funny how things work out. If I wouldn't have started going to her I may have never met Andrew.... So Kayla told Andrew she talked to me about him, he befriended me on FB, sent me a message asking me out on a date, we went out, 4 months later we were engaged, 6 months later we were married!!! Kayla is the best hair dresser I have ever had, obviously!! Now she has introduced another girl & one of Andrews friends. I told her if this one works out too the girl better start a match making business fo' sho'! The girls got skills.

Here is Kayla & Ben, her hubs, at our wedding Jan 2013. Great hair of course.

Anyways... I went down one of my rabbit trails with this post. As usual.

Do you dye your hair a lot? Do you have any good salon stories?
What color do you think looks best on me?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Our Engagement Pictures

Today is a big fat 5 months we have been married! (Awwww) So I thought what better day than today to post some of our engagement pictures. I have been meaning to post them.(just been slackin' a little)

These were taken at the marina in downtown Fernandina Beach last year in October. We went on our first date in Fernandina & got engaged on the beach there. So having our engagement pictures in the same area seemed appropriate. I absolutely love them! I really love how we used Andrews truck and used the theme of fishing/water. Andrew loves to salt water fish. I was happy we got to put some of the things he loves in the pictures because we all know the wedding is all about the girl usually!

Nichole from Snapshot Sisters did an amazing job. If you're in the Northeast Florida area hit her up! (Look her up on FB, Snapshot~Sisters)

absolutely loved the bamboo poles & hooked sign! this was all Nichole's idea!

I love that boys smile :)

The #GlamourLook VoxBox by Mary Kay

I finally got my first VoxBox yesterday from Influenster! I was so excited I actually got picked!

& I have ordered Mary Kay makeup before so I knew I would love the products.

#1 Lash Love Lengthening Mascara (I <3 black="" p="">- I really liked this mascara! It separated my lashes really well, no clumps. I did feel like the brush could've been a little bigger. I had to do a few layers to get the full effect I wanted.

#2 Lash Primer ($15.00)
- I have never been a fan of lash primers. This one had easy application, but I didn't notice any major difference. I would just go with the mascara.

#3 Cream Eye Color/ Concealer Brush ($10.00)
- I loved this brush! It was just the right size. & felt very smooth.

#4 Cream Eye Color (Violet Storm $22.00)
- This eyeshadow was so creamy, soft & light! I really liked how it went on. It was easy to blend too. I would like to try some of the lighter colors.

#5 True Dimensions Lip Stick (Pink Cherie $18.00)
- This lip stick did not feel like you average lip stick at all! It went on smooth, felt moisturizing, almost like a chapstick. I am not a big lip stick wearer ,but I would definitely wear this. I just need a different color, the pink was little too bright for me. It was hard figuring out how the lipstick opened too. You have to push the top in for it to come out at the bottom.

All in all this was an awesome VoxBox! Loved it!


Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Goodies

Thanks to my "bes fran Han" for sending me this via text this morning :)
Exactly how I felt this morning! & probably looked.

Once again the weekend is over. Always too quickly. But it was fun & relaxing! I had 2 stressful days at work Thursday & Friday. I was filling in for our customer service manager. VERY important job. & I am still in the process of training to cover that position. I just feel lost sometimes, like I don't know what I am doing. & a lot of things kept going wrong those 2 days. So needless to say I was stressed to the max.

When I got home Friday from work my hubs had washed all the dishes & he cooked dinner! He is the best. He cooked his famous burgers as I have mentioned before here. They were delicious as always. :)
The rest of the night we just hung out around the house & relaxed. It was nice.... Its funny how things change so quickly once you settle down with someone and/or get married. We both have agreed we love sitting at home on the weekends sometimes & just spending time with each other. It used to be all about where we going tonight!? Whats everyone doing?! Let's go out!... Now I do love our date nights too ,but sometimes its just nice to not have any plans & do a whole lotta' nothin! (i think this is a sign of getting old....)

Saturday the hubs went golfing with his buddy's and I went to town with my Ma. Our first stop was the nail salon. This girl was majorly over due for a pedi. MAJOR. As you can see in the pic my boy Tony was workin' hard on my feet! He's awesome. He can't speak much English ,but let me tell ya he can give an awesome foot massage.

After our pedi's we went to a new little eatery place Newk's. & OMG it was so good!  I had a small salad with half a sandwich. The "Q" sandwich. I recommend you try it if you have one these near you. It was amazing. & their cups are hard plastic cups that you can take home & reuse. I thought that was pretty cool. (its the little things...) There was an Ulta next door to the restaurant so Ma & I had to stop by. You can read about my disappointing purchases from Ulta here. It started pouring right before we went to leave. So we got a little wet. Gotta love those FL Summer afternoon showers.

Ma & I shopped around a little more then went to Publix to do some grocery shopping. I ended up only spending $48 on groceries! I get excited when that happens. The hubs does too. :)
After grocery shopping we rushed back to my parents house because we had to take my little brother to the eye doc. He had some kind of infection going in his eye. Pretty gross. It turned out he had an allergic reaction to something.
After the doc visit me, Ma, Daddy & my little brother went to eat at Moe's. (i know we did a lot of eating lol) Then we headed to Wal Mart so my parents could do some shopping. I of course bought a couple of things. One being this freakin awesome trail mix! Its so good. I would say its not the healthiest because it has chocolate chips in it, but its better than eating a candy bar. Try it out.

While I was in Wal Mart, I got a call from one of my bestest friends Bri saying she just got engaged!!! OMG I am so excited for her! She deserves it. Her & her fiance' have been together for awhile & they are just perfect together. He is by far the best guy she has ever dated & he is so good to her. Which makes him pass in my book! Bout time too! I love it. I can't wait to see her walk down the aisle & have everything she ever wanted. Every girl deserves their fairy tale. 
One of my fave pics of us! With our matching snookie poofs LOL.
& the gorgeous ring! I wish I had a side pic of it too because it is just beautiful. Good job Steve!

After wally world, we met my aunt & uncle at Tutti Fruitti. A frozen yogurt place. It was yummy! I love frozen yogurt too because it doesn't make you feel so full & gross like regular ice cream.

Sunday we did the normal lunch at Nanas & our afternoon nap. More relaxing & sitting around the house. I got some cleaning done too. Which always makes me feel accomplished. (lol) We ended the night watching Sweet Home Alabama which I absolutely love. "Why you wanna marry me anyway? So I can kiss you anytime I want!" Sigh.... I love it. :)