Thursday, June 13, 2013

"I wear your granddads clothes.. I look incredible..."

"Hey Macklemore, can we go thrift shopping?.."

Oh yeah you know the song! Even if you don't like it you know it! Don't lie!

This song is hilarious to me. Especially that my almost 50 year old Dad knows this song. It kinda reminds me of him though. Because my Dad is like the epitome of a thrift shopper. He will get a bargain somehow or another. & he used to take me thrift shopping when I was a teenager. We used to find some pretty cool stuff together.

My husband and I recently went thrift shopping. (now we are not those professional thrift shoppers,yet. this was our first attempt.) We both were in search of mainly clothes. I wanted some jeans or just regular ole' shirts for work. I get to pretty much wear whatever I want at work. (usually jeans, a tshirt/baby tee and flip flops) Andrew found a Nike Golf shirt (which I forgot to take a picture of) and a nice blue/white striped button up dress shirt (some golf brand not sure of the name). I only came out with one thing but I was pretty excited about it! I found some American Eagle jeans. & they were in perfect condition!
I used to shop at AE all the time, especially for jeans. But not so much anymore. I usually shop more at places like Ross, T.J.Maxx and Marshalls. I try to be a bargain shopper. (my hubs should appreciate this!) I like shopping at places like these because you can find so many different styles/brands. I haven't found the perfect pair of jeans to fit me. Ever. Some girls have one brand they love, I haven't been so lucky. So I like to try out the different brands. And the prices are cheaper of course.

my awesome pants!
This is a FL Gator polo, a thrift shop find of Andrews friend Chase, but gave it to Andrew because it didn't fit. How nice of him. :) (they have a bromance for real)

I told Andrew we should make thrift shopping our thing we do together. We haven't been on a thrift adventure lately ,but hopefully soon! We will be pro's before you know it!

Do you thrift shop? What are your tactics? Give me your secrets! :)

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