Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Goodies

This weekend was a pretty good one! It started off with dinner at Andrews parents house on Friday night. His mom made shepards pie for dinner which is uh-mazing. & an ooey gooey butter cake for dessert. It was even more amazing! We didn't get home until about 11:15. I love spending time with his family. (my family now too!) We always have the best time. We just sit around the table and talk and laugh for hours. Not a lot of familys get to spend time with each other like that. Or want to for that matter!

Saturday was so fun! Me & my bestie Hannah planned a beach day for National Best Friend Day! We met at 9am, got some breakfast on the way, iced up the cooler, got gas and headed to the beach. We made some turtle friends when we first got to the beach! Hannah got up close to a bigger one to take a picture and it started coming at her. I was screaming, lol. Pretty scarey stuff. (ya know since the turtle could've caught up to her and everything...) We laid out on the beach and had major girl talk! It was so relaxing. And hilarious. We always laugh, uncontrollably. We went down to the water a few times and stuck our feet in because it was getting ridiculously hot. I only go about ankle deep in the water. I'm a Floridian but I do not go in the water. I love the water but I'm just scared of whats in the water! I got sunburnt on my back and my feet (again)... Maybe my tan will build up eventually and I will stop burning!...
We were only at the beach for about 3 hours and we decided leaving to go get ice cream was way better. The ice cream was delish at DeNucci's Soft Serve! & a nice place to cool off. (Check them out!)
After our cool down we headed to Publix so I could do some grocery shopping. Han got a few things too. Like some free Milano Cookies, because they were buy 1 get 1 free! And I'm a nice friend so I gave her my free ones :) (your welcome Han!) And I really do not need 2 bags of those delicious cookies at my house.
I love when Han & I get to spend time together. We always have so much to catch up on. We try to plan a hang out at least once a month. We would like for them to be more frequent but there is just so much always going on. I can't wait for another bestie beach day!

Our first smaller turtle friend!
rinsing off in the nasty showers in the bathroom! the showers outside were broke apparently

After grocery shopping I came home to my hubs and snuggled with him as long as I could before I had to get ready. He was working some overtime Saturday night. Which was only supposed to be from 6-12, but ended up being until 4am. Which means I had to stay at our apartment by myself for part of the night. I am chicken. I tried to stay up as long as I could to wait for him. To avoid trying to fall asleep and freaking myself out by hearing a noise or something. I made it until 1:30 then conked out. That is late for me. I am not much of a night owl the older I get. (ya know cause 24 is old and everything..) But I survived.
Before all of that I went to my little cousin Gavins 6th bday party with my parents. He is too cute! As you can see below. He had Tomater at his party! (if you don't know who Tomater is, tisk tisk) How cool is that? He was loving it.We got to see some of our family and I got to spend time with my parents and little brother. After the party I went with my parents for their weekly Walmart trip. It was fun, like old times before I got married. I bought myself some Jergens self tanning lotion. It is supposed to gradually give you a tan. So we will see how that turns out.
After Walmart we went back to my parents house. I showed my mom my Trash the Dress pictures I just got back this weekend from my wedding photographer. I will post those soon! Me & Mom sat around and played online and just hung out. It was nice. My Dad was in and out of the house, running around like he usually does. He can't sit still for very long. Then he was boasting to me about some bread he found that only has 13 grams of carbs in 2 slices. He trys to be a health nut, but we all know he drinks Cokes and eats junk food all day in his work truck. My brother was glued to his video game with his ear phones in. (he's at that angsty teenager stage) I cherish anytime I get to spend with my family. Even if it is just a trip to Walmart or hanging out at the house.

He had a cake that looked like dirt with a big truck on top! How cute!

See, hes a cutie :)
My mom & me with Tomater!
Sunday my hubs & I slept in. I know bad, we skipped church. But there was no way he was getting up when he didn't get home until 4 and I don't like going with out him. So we had a lazy day. We went to my Nanas for lunch as usual. Had some of her yummy southern food she always whips up & spent time with some of the fam. After that we came back home and took a nap (a Sunday ritual). Ate some dinner & watched a Redbox movie. It was nice having a lazy afternoon/night with my love. They are my fave. :)

Now if only this work week would scoot on by for the next fun summer weekend!

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