Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The #GlamourLook VoxBox by Mary Kay

I finally got my first VoxBox yesterday from Influenster! I was so excited I actually got picked!

& I have ordered Mary Kay makeup before so I knew I would love the products.

#1 Lash Love Lengthening Mascara (I <3 black="" p="">- I really liked this mascara! It separated my lashes really well, no clumps. I did feel like the brush could've been a little bigger. I had to do a few layers to get the full effect I wanted.

#2 Lash Primer ($15.00)
- I have never been a fan of lash primers. This one had easy application, but I didn't notice any major difference. I would just go with the mascara.

#3 Cream Eye Color/ Concealer Brush ($10.00)
- I loved this brush! It was just the right size. & felt very smooth.

#4 Cream Eye Color (Violet Storm $22.00)
- This eyeshadow was so creamy, soft & light! I really liked how it went on. It was easy to blend too. I would like to try some of the lighter colors.

#5 True Dimensions Lip Stick (Pink Cherie $18.00)
- This lip stick did not feel like you average lip stick at all! It went on smooth, felt moisturizing, almost like a chapstick. I am not a big lip stick wearer ,but I would definitely wear this. I just need a different color, the pink was little too bright for me. It was hard figuring out how the lipstick opened too. You have to push the top in for it to come out at the bottom.

All in all this was an awesome VoxBox! Loved it!



  1. You lucked out. I just got my first one, the spring fever, and I absolutely hated it! I doubt they'll send me another given my feedback.

    1. I did! I was so surprised I was even picked! Aw no! :(