Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday Letters

Saturday! Probably my most favorite day of the week.

Dear Saturday, Could you please not go by so fast?!! I love you!! Don't go!!!....

Dear bank account, could you maybe magically have a higher balance? Or maybe some elderly man could leave me his fortune, ya know like what Billy Currington sang about?...

Dear Ulta, you're freakin' amazing! First time I visited you today & may I say girrrrrrl you got it going on! I am sorry we didn't meet before. Although you're not really good for the little thing I mentioned up above...

Dear Luke Bryan, could you put out a new cd already?! Come on! I have wore out "Drunk On You"... "Faded Away"... "Buzzkill"..    & I have really really wore out "Suntan City"... "Country Man"... "What Country Is"... (just some of my faves)...  & of course the country radio has already killed "Crash My Party".... Like they ruin every song. Also I have high expectations for this album. Please don't kill my dreams.

Dear new blog friends! Thanks for all of your support so far! You girls are awesome :)

Dear Brachs Maple Nut Goodies, why do you have to be so delish?! I know you can't be good for my teeth.... or my booty!

Dear FL summertime, welcome back. But could you slow down on the temperature please! I am already hating these high temps & the humidity. Awful combination.

Dear skin, why do you have to be so annoying!? I am 24 years old with skin like a 16 year old. At least I won't have so many wrinkles when I'm old since you're such an oil slick... I guess.

Got the idea for this post from here. (check it out!) Just changed it up a bit & did a Saturday version :)


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