Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Concealed Weapons Permit

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So yesterday I went and did the paperwork to get my concealed weapons permit. It was actually quick and easy. You just fill out a form with all your info and answer some questions basically like are you a fugitive, an ax murderer or an illegal immigrant... Then they take your pretty picture. And finger print ALL of your fingers. Oh yes, and you have to give them a check for $112.00, your license and the certificate from the concealed weapons class you are required to take.
My mom in law and I took our class a couple of weeks ago. Which was not painful and drawn out like I thought it would be. I was worried we would get some know it all guy who had story after story to tell us. But we didn't! He basically just read through all the laws we needed to know about carrying. It was pretty informative. I felt like I actually learned something when I left. The guy was quite comical too. He informed us that you cannot carry into places with "jiggly women"... LOL. That was his way of trying to nicely say strip club & not to offend any of the ladies in the class. It gave me & my mom in law a good laugh!
So in approximately 4 weeks (possibly sooner, whenever my permit comes in the mail) I will officially be a "pistol packin' momma!" as my husband says. I think he is more excited about this than I am lol...
We just have to go shopping for a gun for me now. Andrew knows all about guns. He grew up around them. He is a hunter & carries himself too. Hes a firm believer in protecting yourself. I am too, however I didn't grow up around guns like he did and I'm not familiar with guns at all. My Dad didn't have guns in our house growing up. Only a BB gun. Ive shot a BB gun plenty of times in my life and a shot gun once. I grew up in a small town and still live there, where everyone hunts and all that but Ive never been into any of that. So I made a deal with Andrew that I would get my license to carry as long as he taught me everything and we go to the range to shoot frequently. I want to be comfortable with it. & I know Andrew will make sure I'm ready. I believe there is nothing wrong with people carrying or having guns in their homes as long as they're safe and smart about it. They have to be knowledgeable and treat it as a serious matter. Not a game or a toy. 
The world is getting crazier by the minute. I hear stories all the time about people getting mugged, especially women. And it seems more and more prevalent in areas you didn't think it would happen. I go a lot of places by myself and probably some areas of town I shouldn't be alone (according to my hubs). So I think women carrying is great. I want to be able to protect myself if I was ever put in that situation. And one day my children. I hope I am never in one of those situations, but I want to be ready if I am.

I'm pretty excited about shopping for a gun though! Maybe not at first, but one day I will have a pretty pink one! Maybe something like these!

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Also we will have to shop around for some holsters...

Uhhh this is pretty awesome! Looks like Spanx with a holster!

Pretty nifty!

Thigh holster! Sexay sexay! haha. This one is a little bulky.

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Probably going with something more like this....

How about these "pistol packin' mommas"?!

Only "slightly" bigger than a pistol but gotta love Miranda!

Angelina, AKA Mrs Smith, wheres the thigh holster well!

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Sandra does it well!

I wonder if Angelina & Sandra ever really carry? Probably not... They can pay people to do that.
Now Miranda I have no doubt. "Gunpowder & Lead" anyone?...

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Ain't it the truth! I've been that girl who had her low life ex boyfriend blowing up her phone, riding by her house, showing up at places she was, calling her work numerous times after she changed her cell phone number..... ya know stalking my life basically! I considered getting a restraining order. I honestly was scared of what he might do. I never want my future daughter to have to feel that way. I know Andrew & I will never let that be an option.

Here are some cool websites geared towards women & guns. They have FB pages also.

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