Thursday, August 28, 2014

Back to school... back to school...

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My husband would be so proud of me referencing this movie right now.

If you remember I posted this last year. Pretty crazy that it was exactly a year ago August 2013.
I am officially a college student AGAIN. Read the post to get the background story.
I am only taking 1 class this semester, just to get myself back in the groove of school. & so I don't pull my hair out trying to work full time & go to college. I am doing my class online also, which makes it so much easier I think. I started working on my assignments last night that are due Sunday. I am already way ahead of myself. When I did college classes before I always waited until the last minute to do everything. Which resulted in cramming/stress. Which resulted in bad grades. Which resulted in me flunking some classes. Andddddd 5 years later here we are.
I actually feel really motivated right now. & I am pretty proud of myself. I have been terrified to go back to school. Obviously, it took me a year to really convince myself to do this. I mentioned in my other post that I have never enjoyed school.(loathed would be the correct word) I always did just enough to get by. So this time around I am making some changes. I'm not procrastinating. I will do the best I can. I will study & make awesome grades. If it kills me, I will do it.
I may get to advance one day at my current job ,but if not I will have a degree that I can take anywhere with me. & that makes me feel pretty awesome. I am sure there are some people who will read this and think "wow do you want a gold star? you're doing what everyone else is doing or already has done." To you I say take your negativity somewhere else. Because this is a major accomplishment for me. & yes maybe I am tooting my own horn right now! Patting myself on the back! Go me! Because I have taken a chance on myself finally. I am changing my thought process on school. I am believing in myself. I am giving myself some credit.
Really I have to thank my husband for supporting me in this. Hes my best friend & his opinion is the most important to me. & he is an inspiration to me. He has been in school the past 5 years & will be done May 2015. That is a lot of school! & he has been working full time the whole time. Hes a machine I tell ya! But him being 100% supportive is what really helped push me to do this. Hes my partner in crime, my main squeeze (you get it...) so we have to be on the same page. & hes really good at math so I have an in home tutor! (whether he likes it or not haha!)
Also my parents have been really supportive of this too. Which is awesome. Because they were there in the beginning when I royally sucked at college! They're the best. :)

So are you working full time & doing classes? How do you handle it? Any tips for the newbie here?

Have a happy almost Friday :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


I don't know if you are like me ,but I have a MAJOR make up obsession. Particularly lipstick obsessed lately. Hence #4 on this post. I can walk in Sephora, Ulta, the CVS beauty section & be lost in a trance for an hour+. Everything just pulls me in! (this is why the cosmetic industry is a billion dollar industry, they know how to suck you in with that pretty shiny packaging!)
I can always find something I HAVE TO HAVE from brands like Covergirl to higher ends like YSL. Lately I've been drooling over YSL & NARS. So this post will be especially geared towards my stupid expensive taste that I can't afford on a regular basis!
So dream on with me ladies. :)

 YSL Rouge Pur Couture #10 Beige Tribute color.
I can thank Kelsey Kinsman for posting this little gem on her Insta. Follow her! She posts some gorgeous stuff.

Here are some more of my nude pinkish lipstick wants right now.

Color "Pink"

SOURCE Color "Doutzens Nude"  

SOURCE Color "Nude" or "Undressed"
SOURCE Color "Pink Taupe" or "Rose Nude"
SOURCE Color "Agatha" or "Noble" (another Kelsey gem)

Lorac PRO Matte Lip Color!
I will take colors Rose Brown, Pink Taupe, Nude, Pink or Mauve! I love lip pens. & I love matte lipsticks. I fear that is a sign of my aging... I don't really care for the shiny and/or sparkly lip glosses, sticks etc anymore. Maybe occasionally. But I'd rather be matte. I have a couple of the Kardashian Joysticks, which I love. This product looks similar. & its not stupid expensive like some of the others I have posted. Can't wait to try it! Check out Jessie James Deckers most recent make up tutorial. She uses this Lorac lipstick in her video. She is flawless!

& of course what is a lipstick without lip liner?!

SOURCE Color "Pink Amber"
SOURCE Color "13 Nude Beige" (another Jessie James Decker recommendation)
SOURCE "Invisible" liner
Interested to see how this "invisible" liner would work. Anyone else tried it?

SOURCE - Another Jessie James Decker recommendation I want to try

Aren't those gorgeous colors?! Stila Eyes Are the Window shadow palette, color "Soul".  I have the first Naked palette. Which obviously is super similar to this one. I am always drawn to bronzy goldish champagne toned eye shadows. Eye shadow would probably be my second obsession in the make up department. I have enough eye shadows to last me a life time! But sometimes a girl can't resist, right? :)

Have you tried any of these products? Love or hate?

Are you an obsessed make up addict like myself?!

exactly :) (source Google)  

St. Augustine Mini Vaca

Good Morning! & prepare yourself for a photo dump!

A couple of weekends ago my best friend Hannah & I took a little girls weekend trip to St. Augustine. We planned the trip a few months ago for Hannahs birthday. It was one of the best weekends I have had in awhile. We got to have girl talk, shop till we dropped, ate all the bad food we wanted, got dressed up & did our makeup extra pretty! We laughed until our sides hurt & jammed out to music in the car. It was the best weekend.

The cutest little place! The Chocolate Turtle
The Chocolate Turtle was amazing!! Also a good place to stop & get cooled off from the FL humidity. We had the Reeses Frappe (uhhh mazing), The Smores & The Milk Chocolate dessert. Like I said we ate terrible!! But it was so worth it!

Going out to dinner

Cousteau's Waffle & Milkshake Bar
best friend coca colas <3 br="">

The Whirlybird waffle

The Hennessey Waffle

As I have mentioned before, you absolutely have to go to Cousteau's if you go to St. Augustine! Any other waffle will just be trash to you after you eat here! So amazing.

new sunnys :)

St. Augustine has some great shopping too! They have the Outlets & some other areas with a Ross & Marshalls. My faves! Also some Antique shopping if you are into that too.

If you haven't had a girls trip with your best friend, do it asap! Even if its just for a weekend & only 45 minutes from your house like St Aug is to us.

Best friend weekends are good for the soul. :)

Friday, August 8, 2014

My Survival Kit!

We all have things in our life that we can't function without! (well thats being a little dramatic but ya get my drift) These are my 5 must haves!

#1 My morning coffee!
I only recently started drinking coffee. But I honestly wish I would've started a lot earlier! I feel so much better after I have my morning java cup. I become a slightly more enjoyable person. I say slightly because I am not a morning person AT ALL, so there is only so much a girl can do. :)


#2 My Nivea Extended Moisture Lotion!
This stuff is uh-mazing! It smells so fresh & clean. Gives you instant moisture. I can even use it on my face & its not too greasy for my oily skin. & its cheap!

#3 Pure Life Water!
I can't live without my Pure Life. I admit I am a complete water snob. I love the taste. Other waters just don't do it for me. I drink about 3 or 4 bottles a day. Probably need to drink a little more but its a start!

#4 Lipstick & Lipgloss!
This right here is what you call an OBSESSION. These are the 9, yes I said NINE, lip products that are in my purse right now. I can't deal. I just love lipstick. & every time I go to buy another I'm like "ya know Ash ya really don't need ANOTHER lipstick...." But what do I do? Buy it any way.
YOLO y'all.

#5 My purse!
I probably could've just put this as my one & only thing I need to survive because it usually has all the products listed above in it! But regardless I feel lost without my handbag on my arm. & a cute one at that! :)

So what are your must haves?!
Check out Man Crates! They have "survival kits" for the man in your life!  I would say The Golfers Crate would be for my husband. He is obsessed!