Thursday, March 5, 2015

Loving People

Do you ever have one of those moments in church where you're like oh crap.... He's talking to me. He's calling me out! This is uncomfortable! Ok man I get it! Stop stepping on my toes please!.... I call it "the pastor was reading my mail today". I don't know where that phrase was started. But it was something I heard frequently in my Pentecostal upbringing. (no we did not swing from chandeliers and/or have snakes in the sanctuary blah blah blah etc etc) Back to my point... A few weeks ago I had one of those moments. Our pastor was talking about loving people. "Love God. Love People." the phrase goes. I've always been so turned off by that phrase. Right or wrong as that may be. I guess I just always thought of it as a cliche "churchy" thing to say. Like "God is good, all the time. & all the time, God is good." etc... 
A phrase someone says just to make themselves look good. Look "holier". & its pretty much ironic that I say "churchy". Cause a lot of people would look at me & think "churchy". I'm a church kid. Born & raised. There every time the doors were open. Went on every youth group trip. Sang in the choir. Sang in the praise band. Became an Honor Star through the girls Missionette programs. (look it up). The list goes on... But yet I am turned off by that "churchy" phrase. You want to know the real reason why? The root of it - is because I am in no way shape or form a "people person". Never have been. People get on my nerves. I know that's harsh & ugly but it's the truth. I have always been content by myself. I can sit in a room in absolute silence, not talking, nothing. & I'm good. I like being quiet.... I know some of you are probably thinking wow! She's rude! I enjoy everyone of your comments & responding to you guys! I appreciate my readers. So please don't run away. Just hear me out. :) 
I am just not a people person. Bottom line. & have no desire to be. BUT something my pastor said really hit me hard that day he was "reading my mail." 
He said "the way you love people is a direct reflection of the presence of God in your life" 
....Talk about OUCH. Punch in the face!
I never saw the depth of "Love God. Love people" because I never really understood what it meant until now. If nothing else in this life, we are supposed to show people the love of Jesus Christ. Love them the way God loves us. Talk about stepping back & doubting myself a little bit! Or try A LOT. I never had thought about it that way. 

Take 1 Corinthians 13 and put your name in it...
"Ashli is patient. Ashli is kind. She does not envy, she does not boast, she is not proud. 
She does not dishonor others, she is not self-seeking, she is not easily angered, 
she keeps no records of wrongs..." (NIV)
I honestly feel like I can't say I am even half of those things!
Pastor said that where your weakness is Jesus is. Jesus can fill in the weak spots. Obviously I 
can't do it on my own. I have to be dependent on Him. I am nowhere near where I need to be in this area of my life. I know that this possibly is going to be a life long struggle for me. It's one of my weak spots. But if I let Jesus come in and work on those weak spots I am headed in the right direction.

Are you a people person? Or the opposite like me? 
What are your weak spots?