Friday, August 8, 2014

My Survival Kit!

We all have things in our life that we can't function without! (well thats being a little dramatic but ya get my drift) These are my 5 must haves!

#1 My morning coffee!
I only recently started drinking coffee. But I honestly wish I would've started a lot earlier! I feel so much better after I have my morning java cup. I become a slightly more enjoyable person. I say slightly because I am not a morning person AT ALL, so there is only so much a girl can do. :)


#2 My Nivea Extended Moisture Lotion!
This stuff is uh-mazing! It smells so fresh & clean. Gives you instant moisture. I can even use it on my face & its not too greasy for my oily skin. & its cheap!

#3 Pure Life Water!
I can't live without my Pure Life. I admit I am a complete water snob. I love the taste. Other waters just don't do it for me. I drink about 3 or 4 bottles a day. Probably need to drink a little more but its a start!

#4 Lipstick & Lipgloss!
This right here is what you call an OBSESSION. These are the 9, yes I said NINE, lip products that are in my purse right now. I can't deal. I just love lipstick. & every time I go to buy another I'm like "ya know Ash ya really don't need ANOTHER lipstick...." But what do I do? Buy it any way.
YOLO y'all.

#5 My purse!
I probably could've just put this as my one & only thing I need to survive because it usually has all the products listed above in it! But regardless I feel lost without my handbag on my arm. & a cute one at that! :)

So what are your must haves?!
Check out Man Crates! They have "survival kits" for the man in your life!  I would say The Golfers Crate would be for my husband. He is obsessed!

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