Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Our Engagement Pictures

Today is a big fat 5 months we have been married! (Awwww) So I thought what better day than today to post some of our engagement pictures. I have been meaning to post them.(just been slackin' a little)

These were taken at the marina in downtown Fernandina Beach last year in October. We went on our first date in Fernandina & got engaged on the beach there. So having our engagement pictures in the same area seemed appropriate. I absolutely love them! I really love how we used Andrews truck and used the theme of fishing/water. Andrew loves to salt water fish. I was happy we got to put some of the things he loves in the pictures because we all know the wedding is all about the girl usually!

Nichole from Snapshot Sisters did an amazing job. If you're in the Northeast Florida area hit her up! (Look her up on FB, Snapshot~Sisters)

absolutely loved the bamboo poles & hooked sign! this was all Nichole's idea!

I love that boys smile :)