Monday, June 17, 2013

New Blog Design

If you haven't noticed! My blog got a major makeover!

The amazing Lisette at Northern Belle Diaries is the artist who created this masterpiece! I have been looking around for someone to design my blog. I am a newbie & have no skills on web design at all. So I needed some major help. I am a fairly new follower of Northern Belle and then I saw she did designs too. (here) I looked at her portfolio here on her design site. & I absolutely loved everything! Little did I know that her & I had a little thing in common. We are both singers! As soon as she told me that I knew she would completely get my vision for the design! She was so easy to work with & so sweet!

But let me tell you she went above & beyond my expectations!! It was even better than the image I had in my head. I LOVE the design. From the music notes, to the Amazing Grace sheet music (which was completely her idea!), the little birdies, the bird cage (which was pretty much the theme of my wedding & I didn't even think of that! she did!), the colors, just everything! Its perfect.

If you need a design this is your girl! Go visit her blog and her design site. You will not be disappointed I promise!


  1. Awww. Thank you for such kind words! I'm glad you love it!