Monday, June 24, 2013


Welp. I got my ipsy glam bag in the mail this past weekend. And I have to say it pretty much sucked. The only good thing about this months bag was the actual bag. I love the leopard print. So I will def use it ,but everything else was just blah.

The lip liner was a weird almost purple color. It said nude but it was definitely not nude.

The NYX blush was cream blush. I don't do cream blush. My skin is super oily so it just doesn't work with my skin.

The liquid eyeliner was kinda cool, but I'm not a big eyeliner wearer. It just doesn't look very good on me. In my opinion. I have a round face so I don't need anything making my eyes look small & my face look any bigger.

The highlighter pencil is ok. I may actually use it.

The eyeshadow was awful. I didn't get the color in the picture, it was darker colors, like blue, black, silver. Colors I do not wear. The eyeshadow was like the consistency of Halloween make up. It was jelly, and pretty much nothing but glitter. Did not like it.

Anyone else get this bag? Agree? Disagree?

I don't think I'll be keeping my ipsy subscription.

Also I went to Ulta this weekend. First time I have ever been in one. I know shocking! I usually go to Sephora. But now they have built an Ulta closer to me. I went in there specifically looking for a new foundation. A non expensive one. I used to buy Bare Minerals. I love that it was so easy to put on ,but I didn't love that it came off so easily. My skin is so oily you could just wipe your finger across my face and it would just come off. (i know disgusting!) I've tried using different primers, but it doesn't seem to help. I have tried so many different foundations its ridiculous. My skin is just too oily. So I thought I would try some of NYX's products. I have never tried any before. So I purchased these products....

& again disappointing!

I used both and it was just not agreeing with my skin. It looked like the makeup was just sitting in my pores. It made my pores even more noticeable. And did not have good coverage either.
So today I tried the foundation without the Shine Killer, just to see how it would do. It seems to be a little better ,but still not great. The make up is still looking like its sitting in my pores in some places. And still not good coverage. I don't know what to do about my skin. I've been to the dermatologist. I have tried every face wash. Every foundation. Toner. Primer. Lotion. EVERYTHING Y'ALL!

The only plus to having oily skin is I will have less wrinkles when I'm old. But still! I'm over it!

So if you know of any magical foundation or anything for ridiculously oily skin, help a girl out! I'm so frustrated with my skin & make up at this point. Blah!

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