Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend Goodies

Ohhh Monday! No body likes you!! Especially after I just had the best weekend!
It started off Friday night when the hubs & I met my little brother & Ma at Dicks Wings to eat dinner. I had the buffalo chicken wrap which is delish! Then we headed over to the baseball field where my little brother played softball on the church softball team. & his team won! It was a pretty good game to watch. 
I'm not much on sports but It was nice to hang out with my parents and see some of the church folk from my parents church... As you see there is only a pic of me & my Ma, none with Andrew or my Dad. They don't like pictures. At the game Andrew told me... "You don't have to take a picture everywhere you go ya know..." Who said?! I don't know why he even trys lol... He's known since he met me how much I love pictures. He will eventually get used to it :)

Saturday morning started with my man making me some pancakes! He is the best. They were delicious of course! He is the king of pancake makin'.

Never a dull moment with this one I tell ya!

Saturday night we got ready to go out on our majorly over due date! As you can see Andrew is being difficult again about the picture taking... Gotta love 'em though. He was good the rest of the night when I was snapping pictures. We ended up going to The Loop in Fernandina Beach for dinner. Which was pretty yum! Babe had a cheeseburger & I had a chicken caesar wrap. We both had their homemade potato chips. So good!

After dinner we road around some just for a joy ride. We were trying to figure out which beach access was the one where we got engaged. You'd think we were 80 years old or something! Neither one of us could remember which one it was lol. I'm pretty sure I wrote it down though in my little journal I kept through the whole time we were dating (ya know that whole 3 months we dated then 5ish months we were engaged...I will post that story eventually..)

Finally we ended up taking a walk on the beach. My favorite part of out date!

I do not like all those shells on the beach! Not good for the feet! I know I know, I shouldn't complain. I should just be thankful I live so close to the beach :) It was pretty windy, that helped it feel a little cooler. Since its starting to get ridiculously hot in the big FL now! Babe looked for sharks teeth for me, since I have never found one of the beach before. (I know shocker! Born & raised Floridian but never found one) No such luck though. He did give me some pretty shells though which I kept. I'm going to attempt to put them in my scrapbook somehow... It was looking a little cloudy. I was worried we were going to get rained on, since we do just about every time we take a walk on the beach. Like the night he asked me to marry him. Torrential downpour! But that's FL weather for you.

My 2nd favorite part of the date was Dairy Queen! Double Fudge Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard! Every chocolate lovers dreams. Andrew was picking on me (as usual) saying of course I had to order the most difficult thing to say on the menu. LOL. Whatever! That thing was UH-MAZING.

My MOST favorite part of our date was just getting to spend time with my husband. Just me & him. Life gets so busy & even though you're living in the same house you don't get to spend a lot of quality time together. Spending time with him like this reminds me of how much I love him & how he is the bestest friend I have ever had. :) We were pretty much inseparable this weekend.& I loved every minute of it.

We ended our weekend with a relaxed Sunday. Church in the morning, where I got to sing with the band again. We visited with both sides of my family. Lunch at Nana's, which was good as always. Then back to our apartment, took a nap and I cleaned up some. It was a relaxing, fun weekend!

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