Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The man can make a burger!

Yes ma'am that is a picture of delicious scrumptious cheese burger! (& yes a paper plate, dont judge!) I'm hungry just looking at it.
My husband cooked last night, which in itself is wonderful because to be honest its nice to get a break from cooking. BUT THEN he made this amazing yummy burger to top it off! Who doesn't love a good ole' fashion cheese burger?

When I make burgers I just usually buy Bubba burgers. Because they're easy. I'm all about some easy. I'm not exactly sure of everything he put in the burgers. I know some kind of seasoning, barbeque sauce (which we got in TN on our honeymoon, aw!) & an egg. He said he used the egg to hold the meat together better because it wasn't fatty enough. I bought the least fatty beef because I was trying to be healthier. Oh well!

If the man can't do anything else he can make a mean burger! (just kidding! he can do much more than cook... like vacuum.. sometimes.. hehe) I told him last night that I decided he would be cooking at least once a week, especially when he is out of his night school for the summer! He loves me.

They say "a way to a mans heart is through his stomach..", well I say what about the women?! I love food. I love it even more when I didn't have to cook it. AND even more when my hunk of a man hubs cooked it! A way to a wife's heart is definitely through making her dinner.... or washing/folding clothes... or cleaning the bathroom... ya know all those kinds of things!.... HINT HINT for the men folk!

Now don't judge me because I just made a post completely about a cheese burger. :)

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