Thursday, May 30, 2013


Who loves beauty products?! This girl right here does! I mean what girly girl doesn't?
Seriously, I REALLY like beauty products. Just ask my best friend Han, she was with me when I went on a major splurge in Sephora a couple years ago with some of my tax return money. I was in heaven!

ipsy is a website you can create a personal account on & sign up to receive the monthly "Glam Bag". I first found out about it from my friend Ashley (check out her shop Colies) via her Instagram. She posted a pic of her May Glam Bag & I was curious! So I started looking around the website. It has reviews of all kinds of beauty products. Its a fun site! & the monthly Glam Bag is only $10 a month! That is cheap y'all!

The products in my May Glam Bag are:

Anastasia brow gel

Zoya nail polish

Pacifica tahitian gardenia perfume roll on

Mirabella colour sheers lipstick

Yaby concealer refill

& of course the bag itself!

I was pretty excited about the concealer! I really needed some lighter concealer, I just hadn't made it to Ulta to get any.
I was iffy about the lipstick at first because it was such a bright pink color. I usually stick to more natural color lipsticks or glosses. But I tried it and put a little gloss over it & loved it! I asked Andrew if it was too bright, he said no, so I'm taking his word for it!
I did not like the smell of the perfume. It smelled like old lady perfume. I gave it to my mom ( no offense Ma!) ,but I really didn't think she would really like it either. Shes pretty hip on perfumes, we usually like the same things. I also gave her the brow gel because I don't really need it. She has eyebrow issues so I knew she would love it. (no offense again LOL)
& I wish you could opt out for certain products, like the nail polish. I DO NOT paint my own nails or toe nails. If I even attempt to do it they end up looking like a 5 year old did it! & I would rather go to the nail salon to get them done anyways! I love being pampered.

All in all the Glam Bag is just fun! I love getting stuff in the mail too. It feels like Christmas!
So check it out!

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