Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Color Mania 5K!

I am so excited to be doing the Color Mania 5K next month!

Now let me be honest with you.... I am not a runner! I go to the gym usually about 2 to 3 times a week. I mostly do cardio. When I say cardio I mean the elliptical or walking, SOME running on the treadmill. I've been trying to do some weight training also. Weight training really does help you lose weight faster than just getting on the elliptical every time you're at the gym. But sometimes I'm just lazy at the gym and I just want to get my cardio in and get out of there! Especially on the dreaded MONDAYS. Monday is the laziest day at the gym for me. I just have no motivation. But I have been trying to work on my running to get ready for this thing. Honestly its more for fun! Who wouldnt want to run around with your friends and get sprayed with all kinds of colors?! I mean come on! It'll make for great pictures too! I'm all about some pictures.

My cousin Sheanice and I are doing the run together! We've tried recruiting some other friends to do it too but apparently they think we are going to run the whole time and they're just scared of that. Definitely not running the whole time!

OH! And when you sign up you get to pick a team name. Ours is....
How hilarious is that?! I'm thinking of making us some tshirts with our team name on them. We will see :)

I will post pictures later of this exciting event next month!

Here is the link to their site if you're interested!

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