Monday, October 28, 2013

Home decor & guns

Happy Monday everyone! I am a little perkier than usual on this Monday. Not sure why. Maybe its the cool weather us Floridians have been having the past few days! I love it!

A couple of weekends ago me and my mom in law went to an event in Jacksonville called Rustapalooza. (look it up on FB) They have a bunch of antique/furniture refurbishing/all things rustic vendors come together for a big sale. It was UH - MAZING! I could've bought everything in the place. Some of the things were pretty pricey but others were decent. Like Southern Blessings Furniture. I love her stuff! I bought some red shutters from her for only $30! That is cheap yall. I think a lot of the rustic/antique stuff is high right now because everyone is so into it. (we can all say thank you to Pinterest for that!) But antique stuff can be pricey anyways... Check Southern Blessings Furniture out of FB if you are in the Jacksonville area. Her stuff is gorgeous and good priced. Here are the shutters I bought from her....

Southern Blessings Furniture

I am thinking about doing something like this with my shutters....


Last week I went to a Goodwill to drop off some clothes and I decided to just browse around while I was there... I saw an older style dresser that I absolutely loved and it was only $45! So I took a picture and sent it to my hubs. He liked it too! I went back that night to get the dresser and it was already sold! I was so sad! I really wanted it so I could paint it in a rustic teal color for our bedroom in our new place. So I am on the look out for an old dresser! I will find one at some point! Here are my ideas for my dresser...




Although I didn't get my dresser, I did not leave empty handed ladies! I got a china cabinet! I really just wanted the bottom piece (it disconnects from the cabinets on top for the china) to use as a buffet table (or whatever you want to call it....) I think it would be too cluttered with the top piece, in the space I plan to put it in our new place. I am going to paint is black and rough it up a little bit to make it look rusted. My mom in law is an expert painter & expert in giving furniture the rustic look. So I've got all the secrets of "rustic painting" from her! ;) This is the bottom piece...

& this is my idea for the buffet cabinet...

 Have you been doing any DIY home decor?

This past weekend I got to spend some QT with my hubs. This is what QT looks like for us...

We do actually go out on dates too! lol. But the hubs has been in huntin mode for the past couple months so we went shootin'. He's getting me ready for when I go huntin with him in GA sometime in the next couple of months. I'm not a "hunter" whatsoever ,but I told him I would try it out. I don't think my shopping trips on the weekends will turn into huntin trips though, but I'll at least go with him once. But I will enjoy spending time with him and seeing those pretty GA fields. I LOVE riding through GA and seeing all the farms & farm houses.& I LOVE my hubs of course! :)

Do you join in on your hubs/boyfriends hobbies?


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    1. thanks girl! i can't wait to actually see the finished product! :)

  2. lovee this, I need to visit that place, and than we can have a blogger date while I am there:):)

    1. yes! you would love it! :) they had a lot of beachy stuff, I know you love the nautical decor ;)