Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Christmas in September?...........

Christmas is only like 97 days away people! (for real, just ask Google)

Seriously this year has gone by entirely too fast. I bought my first Christmas gift yesterday.... I know super early. But I had to get it before it was gone. Christmas is my most favorite part of the year. Besides my birthday of course! I love the decorations, the cold weather (ya know if us Floridians are lucky enough to get some chilly weather) & the family time. I LOVE buying gifts for people. I'm a shopaholic so I get a thrill out of anything that involves shopping. Its my high. (I know I need help, don't judge me) Now don't get me wrong I know what Christmas is really about. Jesus. Bottom line. But I enjoy all the other good stuffs that come along with the season too.

So I thought I would just go ahead and share my Christmas list with the world.... So feel free to send me a gift or $$$. I take either. ;) (also this if for my mom and husband to see hint hint...)

1. Leopard Print Dress from Southern Fried Chics I am obsessed with anything leopard!
& Southern Fried Chics! They have the cutest stuff.

2. Gold Link Bracelet from J.Crew LOVE this bracelet.

3. Deep Tissue Massage. With hot stones! The stones do wonders.

4. A New Laptop! Seriously mine is hopeless. It had some viruses & I wiped it out a couple of times. Its old. & just done. I just want something I can connect to the internet with. That is it. Nothing fancy.

5. Naked Eyeshadow Palette. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

6. New Boots! I love cowgirl boots or knee high boots. I would take either... or both ;)

Southern Fried Chics
7. Hazelwood Soap! The hubs & I went to their little shop in Waynesville, NC on our honeymoon. I love their Versatile Soap! Go visit their site! You will love it.

That is the end of my list... FOR NOW! ;) Haha!

What is on your list this year?!


  1. booots booots booots, always on my wish list! (I have an obsession)

    1. meeeeee too!!! now if it would just get cold enough for us Florida girls to wear them!! lol

  2. Ha! You're kidding right? I've been buying Christmas presents since January! I have problems :)

    1. What?! Go you! haha. I need to get on your level ;)