Monday, February 10, 2014

Savannah Trip

Last weekend Andrew & I took our 1 year anniversary trip. It seems like it was forever ago! I think that means I need another vacation, right? Yes. Thank you.

Our first stop was the Paula Deen restaurant "Lady & Sons" on Friday night. We made a reservation online a couple weeks before so we got right to our table when we arrived. This picture is inside the elevator we took to the 3rd floor where our table was. My advice is get the buffet. It has everything on it you could want!

See told you! How delicious does that plate look?! All the southern food you could want & sweet tea. & it was all by candlelight. So cute! The mashed potato's were THE best mashed potato's I have ever had. I am not kidding you. They also give you a garlic cheese biscuit and a "hoecake" when you are first seated. The hoecake, otherwise known as cornbread, was amazing. It takes me back to when I was younger, when my Papa & Mema would make corn bread like this and give me syrup to eat it with. Delicious. Also on a side note, forget your "diet" when you go to this restaurant.

 & of course I had to come home with some goodies from the Paula Deen store! They had all kinds of adorable southern stuff for your kitchen. I could've bought it all! I have decided I am going to be one of those nerd who brings home a magnet on every trip we take. So DUH I had to get the cute little Hey Y'all skillet magnet!

After dinner Friday night we took a walk around downtown Savannah, down to the river. Sight seeing the downtown area would probably be better during the day. Some parts are really nice and then you turn the corner and its sketch city. Which I guess most downtown areas are like that. But thats ok I had my 6'4 hunk of a hubs to protect me. :)

Occasionally my husband lets me catch some silly pictures of him. Then he acts surprised when they end up on social media?? Why I do not know. He knows I love pictures and sharing them with the internet world. lol.

 Andrew found this little barbeque place for us to eat lunch at Saturday afternoon. Sandfly Bar-B-Q
If you are visiting Savannah GO HERE. SO GOOD. & its a cute little hole in the wall kinda place too. We always make it a point to go to local restaurants when we go on vacation. & we usually always end up at a bque place at some point. We love bque! Who am I kidding we just love FOOD. Relaxing & food. Thats what are vacations are for. #foodies

Saturday afternoon I surprised Andrew with a couples massage. Obviously I have no pictures from that. Because I was too busy drooling all over myself! Ha! No kidding. If you have never got a massage go do yourself a favor and invest in one. You will thank me. & we got an amazing deal on the massage that we weren't expecting! Score!

Saturday night before we went out to dinner. Shirt - Forever 21. Courtesy of my bestie Bri since she gave me a F21 gift card for Christmas :) Necklace F21 also. Earrings - H&M. I don't do a lot of outfit selfies. or #OOTD pics. Whatever you wanna call them. Because lets be real.... I usually look like a bum. Except on vacations & most weekends. I snazz it up a little bit ;)

Like I said. We go on vacations to eat. We did make it a chain restaurant Saturday night. Chilis.
This would be their new Reese's Molten Lava Cake. Yes I know. My mouth is watering right now too. We cleaned that plate in about 1 to 2 minutes tops. Not kidding. Do yourself a favor & go getchoo one!

& of course we had to stop at Bass Pro on our way home. Which I'm not complaining because it was attached to a mall where I went to Victoria Secret an bought myself some new body spray. AND had a $10 coupon they sent me for my bday! Its a win win. (my birthday is the 13th just FYI)

We needed this trip. It was so relaxing and fun. We are so busy most of the time with life we rarely just get to sit down and enjoy each others company. We laughed so much. Thats the best part to me. Just laughing & having a good time with my husband. Andrew is my best friend & I couldn't imagine spending my life with anyone else. I can't wait for our next trip! He says we are going South next year. So maybe The Keys or somewhere on the Gulf in Florida? We will see. :)


  1. Looks like a great trip, glad it was perfect :)

  2. I am so so jealous! I have wanted to go to Savanna for EVER!

    and now I know that there is a Paula Dean restaurant my little southern food loving heart NEEDS to get there ASAP! Just so I can get the "Hey Y'all" towel!

    1. You HAVE to go! It is such a cute little place. If you can, stay downtown in the middle of everything. Much more convenient than trying to drive downtown to find a parking spot.

  3. Sounds like the perfect trip!!! I'm super jealous! :-)