Monday, March 3, 2014

A Surprise Party

A couple of weekends ago my Ma, me & my cousin Tiff (who also planned my wedding, shes awesome!) had a surprise party for Daddys 50th birthday. He was not very excited about turning 50. I have no idea why because hes healthy & does not look 50 at all. He works his butt off & probably gets more exercise doing his job than I get in a month! My Daddy is the nicest, goofiest, genuine person you will ever meet. He is such a people person, he will talk to anyone. It doesn't matter who you are. He has more compassion for people than I have ever seen in anyone else in my life. He loves kids. So much that he drives the van at my parents church to pick up kids whose parents won't or can't bring them to church. He was ready for me & my hubs to have a kid like yesterday. He told me awhile back that I couldn't come back over unless I brought grandchildren with me. Ha! Sorry Daddy, you're gonna have to wait. :)

These are the centerpieces we used for the party. The first one is suppose to resemble my Dads old truck & all the junk in the back of it. He goes "junkin". Its his thing. You need a bike or an exercise machine? Ask my Dad. He will find you one! The little golf cart resembles what my parents golf cart looks like every Saturday. My Dad drives around their neighborhood and picks up trash off the side of the road. Hes a saint I tell ya. The yellow car is like the Duster car he had in high school. Except his was white. He loved it! Last is the truck I did my last minutes crafty magic on. It was a Wal Mart truck that I spray painted and put the stickers on to resemble where my Dad works. He's been a delivery truck driver since as long as I can remember. & he loves his job. & he's pretty awesome at it too.
Also we had the party at my Dads my favorite place to eat in our small town. Its a little barbeque joint thats been around for as long as I can remember. My Dad seriously eats there every weekend. In fact he ate there Friday night before the party and for lunch Saturday. The party was that Saturday night. I'd say he got plenty of barbeque that weekend. LOL.

 Of course no 50th birthday party is complete with out some pictures from back in the day! You can't see it very well, but the picture in the back middle is my parents at their high school prom. They've been together since they were like 14 years old. Still going strong. :)

The cake. Complete with little tools, tape measure & nails decor. My Daddys favorite things. :)

The best part was probably watching him open all his gifts. Obviously he has a thing for t-shirts! 

 & can't forget the party planners! Me & Tiff :)

Junkin', dirt, trucks & tools. Loving Jesus & showing people the love of Jesus. Thats my Daddy. :)

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