Monday, January 27, 2014

Rustic DIY Furniture Projects

It has been a good Monday! Why? Because I know I only have to work 4 days this week then I am off to Savannah for mine & the hubs anniversary trip! Can't wait!

I wanted to share some pictures with you guys. I mentioned in this post that I was working on some furniture projects. We had a BIG dresser and 2 night stands to paint for our bedroom. I LOVE the rustic look that is ever so popular right now. It is ALL over Pinterest. I've got some other ideas swimming around in my head for furniture projects but this is what I have finished for now.

Before pic of the night stand after it was sanded down

Teal base coat

Finished product with glaze & polyurethane coat

I also spray painted the hardware

Up close of the rustic details
Before pic of the 11 drawer dresser. HUGE

Finished project in our bedroom. Excuse the non matching curtains
Sorry for the crappy iPhone pics. All I can say is it is a whole lot of work to DIY! Well more time consuming that anything. But it was worth it. I love these pieces of furniture. And it was WAYYYY cheaper than going out and buying new furniture. Especially the rustic style furniture. A lot of people are overpricing that stuff right now just because its popular.

Have you ever tried some DIY furniture projects from Pinterest? How did they turn out?

Hope you are having a wonderful Monday!


  1. Oh my god Ashli I love them!!!!! You did an amazing job! I want my next house to be all refurnished furniture. It has such a better story to tell!

    1. Aw thanks so much!!! You can take any piece of furniture you have & do this! Its pretty easy!

  2. These are beautiful - love the teal colour you've used.. to me refurnished furniture will always be great statement pieces and like Hallie said they have such great stories behind them.

    Laura @ Zurleys Furnishings

    1. Thank you! Exactly! You take more pride in your furniture when you've put some work into it :)