Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Randoms on Wednesday

Well hello folks! Its the middle of the week, I can see the weekend in sight!

& for todays randoms....

1. I have finally been getting some of our furniture painting done. I mentioned in this post I had finally found a dresser I loved. Last weekend we got the base color painting on it. Now I just have to put the glaze & top coat on. Then voila! We can stop piling our clothes all over the floor in our room. :)

Here is one of the night stands I also painted, before it was glazed. I will post pics of the finished products soon.

2. Everyone's been jumping on the resolution train. Me? Not so much. I hate making them because I know I won't keep them. I have been thinking more about working out and eating better though. I really have got to get it together. Over the holidays I majorly slacked off. Especially on the gym. I actually did 40 minutes on my elliptical at home last night! Go me! Its a start. And today I downloaded the Nike Training app to my phone. It has a bunch of work outs and shows you exactly how to do them. I am excited to try this out in the gym! So maybe secretly I am making a resolution? I am just not calling it that to trick myself! Ha!
Source Google. Screenshots from the Nike Training App

3. Speaking of eating healthy... Anyone have any quick easy ideas for breakfast foods? I have to eat breakfast in the morning or I am starving and feel like crap. I usually eat a granola bar, dry cereal etc. With some kinda of milk to drink. I am burnt out on granola bars and such though. I need new ideas. And it has to be easy because I have no time in the morning to make a breakfast. I could get up earlier, but we all know thats not gonna happen.

4. I have been wanting to start some kind of new devotional. Specifically for wives. I saw this post yesterday on Kaylas blog, where she talked about this devotional. Looks like it could be a good one? Anyone else reading a devotional geared towards wives?

5. I have been on & off sick since like the beginning of December! What the heck?! I started getting a sore throat last Friday AGAIN. I just got over an upper respiratory infection the week of Christmas. As I mentioned here. Obviously I need to start taking some vitamins & better care of myself or something. Cause this crap is for the birds!

6. I am SO excited about our anniversary trip coming up & a Disney trip with my Ma!!! The hubs & I are going to Savannah, GA at the end of this month for our 1 year anniversary. I can't wait to just relax & spend time with my hubs. Then the end of February I am going to Disney World with my Ma! She got Disney tickets for her bday in July and we just haven't been able to plan a trip because we've been so busy. So I am pretty excited!

7. I love the Hard Candy brand of make up. I have one of their pretty eye shadow pallets. I was considering trying out their concealer and mascara. I have a concealer I really like but its spensive! Yes I said "spensive". So I wanted to try out some others. Anyone tried theirs before?

8. Anyone watch the show Eric & Jessie on E? I only caught a couple of episodes from last season. But I love it. Jessie is a singer. I love to sing. So I like it. :) Isn't it coming back on? When? Somebody help a girl out here.... I rarely watch TV. Besides Nashville and The Walking Dead with my Hubs. (what opposites! ha!) My Hubs pretty much controls the TV. I am usually running around the house doing stuff anyways cause I'm nuts & I can't sit still for a  So I really don't have time to get hooked on a lot of shows anyways. What are your fave shows?

Andddddd thats all I got for now folks! My OCD wants me to continue to # 10 for an even # but I am out of ideas. Ha! So the end. :)

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  1. Daily Devotion is definitely something Ive been thinking about starting as well!

    1. Yes it is important! Let me know if you find a good one! :)

  2. Definitely let us (or just me!) know if/when you find a good devotional for wives! :-)

    1. I actually just ordered the "Wives After God" devotional I mentioned in this post! I will have to do a post about it! :)