Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Anddddddddddd its over!

Does anyone else feel kinda depressed after Christmas is over like I do? We do all the crazy shopping, decorating, preparation and then its gone in a wink! I have to say though this was a pretty awesome Christmas. Besides being sick with an upper respiratory infection! YUCK.

My Christmas vacation started Friday December 20th!

After work Friday I met up with my Ma and we headed to the mall to finish up some Christmas shopping. It took us an hour to get there! The traffic was ridiculous. The mall was nuts of course. But we had a lot of fun like we always do! Saturday we did some MORE shopping... and we said were done Friday night haha. Shopaholics for sure. (I blame my Nana, she started it!)

Sunday morning I had the privilege to sing with some friends of mine that I used to sing with at my parents church. I just love when we all get together! Its like we never quit singing together.

Sorry for the poor picture quality
 Laree's church is in a movie theater! How cool is that? They don't currently have a building right now. So they rent out the theater room. Any money they receive from the congregation they use to put back into projects to reach the community. Rather than paying a large mortgage payment on a building. Check it out here.

Later Sunday afternoon Andrew & I went to my Papa & Memas for Christmas. All the family got together ate yummy food & exchanged gifts.

These are my custom made bullet earrings my cousin Sheanice gave me! How cool are they?! I see these online all the time I just haven't bought any because they are kind of expensive. So I was super surprised when she gave me these for Christmas!

Monday I was off work! High five for me! Except that I spent all day at the house waiting on the cable guy to come. Finally around 4:30 I got out of the house to take my little brother shopping. He was looking for a certain phone case that Best Buy ended up not having. BOO! But I did get a last minute gift card & grabbed a couple of other things I needed for our new place. Again.. thought I was done with the Christmas shopping, NOT!
I started coughing Monday night but I felt ok. Little did I know I would wake up Tuesday morning with a horrible fever! I went straight to the doctor, found out I had a stupid upper respiratory infection. So I was sick through out Christmas but I still got to see all my fam & do the Christmas festivities with them! I wasn't letting the sickness take over!
Anyways.. Later Monday night I cooked "Christmas Fettucini" for my parents, the hubs & my little brother at my parents house. (you will know about the Christmas Fettucini if you have seen the movie The Holiday) After dinner we exchanged gifts with my parents. I love giving my family gifts. Especially because I know my whole life my parents have worked so hard to give me everything I ever wanted for Christmas, birthdays, anything! I made my parents both an album of pictures this year. They both loved them. Of course they got a little teary eyed. Thats when you know you did good. :)

My parents tree

Here are all the goodies from my parents! My Ma did good as usual. These were all things on my list! :) I definitely needed those plates. I have broke 3 of my 4 nice dinner plates since we've been married. Thanks Ma:) & yes thats right you see a Naked pallet! SO EXCITED! I absolutely love it!

Tuesday after I went to the doc as I mentioned before and got some rest, my fever finally wore off. I got ready for round 3 of Christmas! Yes 3! We headed over to the hubs Aunt & Uncles house. We ate some good food again & watched the kiddies open their gifts!

My sweet Mom in law :)
Me & the Hubs. Wearing my new tribal print leggings!
My in laws & Little Delaney. She is precious!
I started to feel bad again later that night. But we had to go to my Nanas too! Its tradition! On my moms side of the family all the little kids get multiple presents but the adults all draw a name to be a secret santa. But me and my cousin Tiff always cheat! haha! We make sure we get each others names or just don't put our names in the bag! Sneaky we are ;) I got Tiff a really nice Simply Vera Wang purse from Kohls! & some make up from Ulta. She got me a gift certificate from a little boutique right outside my hometown that I absolutely love! & some make up from Ulta! We know what we like :) After all the commotion at Nanas I went straight home to my bed. My fever had started kicking in again. So I took some tylenol and passed out.

Wednesday morning, Christmas Day! I crawled out of bed when my sweet hubs woke me up. Still feeling pretty crappy. But I had to get up its Christmas Day of course! The hubs and I exchanged gifts. We both loved all of our gifts of course. One of the things he got me was a massage gift certificate! CANNOT wait to use that thing! Another gift he had for me hasn't come in the mail yet! USPS SUCKS. Obviously.
After we finished exchanging gifts we headed over to the in laws. My Mom in Law had cooked us all a huge breakfast! It was delicious!  After breakfast we exchanged gifts with my Mom and Pa in law and my 2 sisters in laws. Andrews parents really spoiled us this year. My Mom in Law gave us 4 sets of Fiesta dishes! They are gorgeous dishes. Thats what happens when you get married. You get excited about dishes! Ha!
I also made my Mom in Law an album of our wedding pictures and pictures from my bridal showers. She loved it. :)

The in laws pretty tree! Told you they spoiled us!

After we were done at their house we headed over to my Nanas again and had some Christmas lunch. Her turkey & dressing is amazing! Like I needed anything else to eat but you can't pass it up!
We ended Christmas Day lounging around our house. I still wasn't feeling the best. But no fever at least. I was enjoying my pretty Christmas tree....

the top hat is my favorite!
My parents came over for a little while. My mom brought me my stocking & I gave her the stuff that was suppose to be in here stocking that morning. But I forgot to give it to my Dad! I do all the Christmas shopping for him. He's just a little clueless on what to buy. lol. Its ok though. We love him anyways. :)

We had an amazing first married Christmas with all of our family. I loved spending time with them. That is the best part of the holidays to me.

Thats what happens when you get older. You stop caring so much about the gifts and care more about just being with family. I love it. :) We are so blessed! I hope you had an awesome Christmas like I did!


  1. I'm so glad you had a wonderful Christmas(s) even though you weren't feeling well. I hope you have the happiest of new years!

    1. Thanks so much! I hope you have enjoyed your holidays as well! :)

  2. I love all of your photos and all the pretty trees! You MUST try Naked 3 , I seriously love every single shadow in the palette! Hope you are feeling better !
    XoXo Brittany

    1. Thank you!! I know! I really want to try the Naked 3! The shadows are so pretty. :) Hope you had a wonderful Christmas & New Years!

  3. Love all the tree and that top hat is too cute! Love the leggings and heard such great things about the Naked palettes. Hope you are feel much better now!

    1. Thanks so much!! Got the top hat from Kirklands! Yes I am feeling much better! Thanks for stopping by :)