Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Shenanigans

I don't know about y'all but I feel like I am still recuperating from my 4 day weekend! It went by entirely too fast! It was a blast though!

Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, the hubs & I went to my Nanas around 1pm for lunch. Nana never disappoints with her amazing dinner! Dressing, turkey, mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, broccoli & cheese, rolls, pumpkin shiffon pie! (best pie ever!) DELICIOUS. & it was actually pretty calm at her house. Usually its a crazy place! With all the childrens running around! After Nanas we went on to my hubs Grannys house. Me & my mom in law started looking through all the Black Friday ads. We were going shopping later that night so we had to be prepared!

Our attempt at a family photo. Kinda blurry.
Me & Ma at my Nanas

After all the family time, me, my mom, my cousin tiffany, my mom in law & sis in law all met up to go out shopping! We got to Wal Mart & it was INSANE! We had to park in a dirt lot across from the Wal Mart parking lot! It was packed inside too! You could barely get around in the store. I got a Rubbermaid 30 piece set of tupperware for about $7! I was super excited. LOL. Thats when you know you're married! The rest of the girls got a lot of other good deals too. I guess if you don't like the crowds shopping for Black Friday isn't fun but I love it! I go just for the fun of it! I am usually not looking for anything particular , its just a tradition we have started. We always have the best time!

My crazy Ma! Haha! We were about to walk into the madness of Wal Mart!

Me & Hannah my sis in law trying to stay warm outside waiting to get in Target!

My Mom's! My favorite ladies <3 br="">

We ended up getting home about 11:30 Thursday night, which wasn't too bad. Round #2 shopping trip started at 8:30am Friday morning. Me, my Ma & my Nana headed out to the mall! I have to be honest I was exhausted by lunch time! LOL. My back and my feet were killing me! But I kept on truckin! The lines in the stores were insane this year! Kohls was THE WORST. I have never seen them this bad. Seriously. Kohls has got to figure something out because there line was just awful. People were walking in and turning right around and walking out because of the line on Thursday evening. It was a little better on Friday ,but not by much! We waited in line for about 30 minutes in Kohls and Old Navy. My philosophy for shopping on Black Friday is you just have to go with it! You know its going to be busy, there will be crazy people running around & you're going to have to wait in line at some point. Just go in with a positive attitude and have fun!

Me waiting in line with Ma at Kohls. I was seriously considering sitting on the floor my feet were hurting so bad!
I'd say we had a successful shopping trip! & this is actually pretty small for us! We usually have way more stuff!

Round #3 shopping trip was an early one Saturday morning! Yes round 3! I had to get to Target when they opened Saturday morning to get a Christmas Tree 1/2 off! This year is Andrew & I's first married Christmas! I got the tree I wanted & I was so excited! I will hopefully post pictures soon of it decorated.

On a side note.. all of the hype/complaining about people shopping on Thanksgiving gets on my nerves! If you are taking time away from your family to go snag a good deal then yes I think thats pretty selfish of you. But my family has made Thursday night & Black Friday shopping a tradition. & this year my Mom in law & Sis in law got to go too! & we had such a good time! I do think the stores are getting a little ridiculous with how early they are opening. They don't need to be open mid afternoon of Thanksgiving! ANYWAYS... I'll get off my soap box now :)

I hope you had a fun Thanksgiving! I spent a lot of time with my family & got some good shopping in! I love the holidays! NOW its officially the Christmas season! I can't believe its only 3 weeks away. CRAZY. My mom puts up 3 trees (yes I said 3) in her house so last night I helped her decorate one of them. This is probably my favorite tree she has. I love the gold! & I love skinny trees!

Its leaning a little in this pic. We gotta work on that!

& just a little office selfie! I was bored in the office Wednesday afternoon waiting to go home! Thank God they let us off early for the holiday! :)

What did you do for Thanksgiving? Do you have any traditions? Do you brave the crowds on Black Friday?


  1. Wow...you kicked butt on Black Friday! That takes dedication...and I'm not sure I have shopping dedication, ha ha. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving! :)

    1. Definitely some dedication! Or maybe obsession? haha! Thanks! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving too <3

  2. I need to go shopping with you!!! I was to scared to venture out for black friday!

  3. I'm glad you had such a great weekend! It looks like it was lots of fun! :-)

    1. Thank you! Yes it was a blast! I hope yours was awesome as as well!