Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Some things you didn't know about me...

I saw this post by Samantha recently & thought why not! I've never done a post like this before. So here you go... Here are some things you probably didn't know about me... :)

1. I took drum & piano lessons in my preteen/early teen years. & I cannot play either! I suck at life! Haha j/k. I can sing though, hence the name of my blog ;)

2. I met my husband, got engaged & married all within a 10 month period. When you know you know!

3. I remember stupid/bad things I've said & beat myself up over them for a long time. Its a problem I am working on. #learntoforgiveyourself

4. I am a super OCD anxious stressed out control freak. But I am trying to be better.

5. I was horrible, HORRIBLE at math in school but now I work in accounts payable & really like it! Ironic.

6. I live in a small southern town in Florida. I love it & I am never moving! (unless God has other plans.... please don't! lol..)

7. If I had a chance at being some big singing star I don't know that I would actually take it. I don't think I could handle it. I love having a normal 9 to 5 life. Being home on weekends. Or just being home, in my hometown in general. Laying down beside my husband every night in our cozy bed. Seeing my family all the time. I like being just plain normal.

8. I was raised in church (literally I've been in church since I was in the womb) But I feel like, now that I am older, that I am really learning the true meaning of having faith. Not letting it be something you just do on Sundays.

9. I am addicted to Coca Cola. I don't do coffee.

10. I can be the sweetest person ever & the next minute the meanest! Just ask my husband. Maybe its a woman thing???.... I hope I am not the only one.

11. I am not a compassionate or a sympathetic person. I am pretty harsh most of the time. I guess this is a bad thing? Maybe I will naturally be more compassionate when I am a mother? Maybe?

12. On that note I am terrified of having children. This post. I have mixed emotions about having kids. Sometimes I get kinda excited thinking about Andrew & I having a little baby. But then I am scared again... LOL. I'm nuts.

13. I have a new found love for antique old rustic stuff. You can thank Pinterest for that.

14. I love to cook. Or I should say I love when I cook & it actually turns out good. It makes me happy when I make dinner & my hubs loves it. I really feel like I accomplished something then.

15. I HATE fruity candy! Give me some chocolate! Candy was made to be chocolatey!

16. I lived in NYC for 6 weeks by myself for a Musical Theater program at the New York Film Academy that I won a scholarship to through a Singing/Acting competition. It was probably the best & the scariest thing I have ever done in my life. I was super home sick. (refer to # 6 & 7) I had a blast but I found quickly I couldn't really live there forever. I was up there in the dead set of winter. This Florida girl was COLD!

17. From the time I was 4 years old until 17 I took tap, jazz, hip hop & ballet classes. But I am the clumsiest person you will ever meet! Go figure! I really wish I would've stuck with it. But I started working at 16 and really didn't have time for it anymore.

18. I don't like animals. Some dogs & kitty's are cute. But really I could do without. (don't throw stones at me please!)

19. SHOPAHOLIC. I blame my mother & my nana :)

20. I would be in heaven if I could just work in a little office by myself all day. I know to some people that sounds like torture. But I don't really like to socialize with people at work. I am content being quiet. I guess I am that weird girl at work who doesn't talk often. Oh well!


  1. I was SO bad in math too, and I do some accounting work! How freaking weird are we:)