Thursday, November 14, 2013

Some of my favorites

Last night my beautiful favorite cousin (& the best wedding planner on the planet!) Tiff text me asking me what is the best drug store concealer. Unfortunately I didn't know! Because the concealers I use are all from Ulta or Sephora. I use drug store foundation, mascara and powder for the most part. But I branch out a little bit with everything else. & I am a make up hoarder! I LOVE make up. I have so much of it. But I don't even wear half of it. I definitely do not get crazy with the make up during the work week. I am lucky to get out the door on time. I have no time to get all dolled up! I thought I would share some of my faves though. I have done this before in this post. But here are some newbies for you :)

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Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup
This foundation is a heaven sent. I finally found a drug store foundation that helps keep my oily skin under control and it stays on all day. I've mentioned before I have super oily skin & I have had the hardest time finding a foundation that agrees with my skin. This stuff is awesome though. It is a creme foundation so it goes on pretty thick. So if you don't like to "feel" your make up on your face, then don't try this. I use a make up sponge or brush to apply it. I've found that that's a big help too, using your fingers does not apply your make up right, in my opinion.

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They're Real Benefit Mascara
IN LOVE with this mascara. Its a little pricey but its amazing. I am usually not a fan of the plastic spiked mascara brushes, because most of the time I poke myself in the eye! Ouch! But I love this stuff. They make my lashes insane. Definitely worth the price. I usually only use mine on the weekends and use my other favorite Covergirl mascara during the week for work. Check out this post for the Covergirl mascara..

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Amazing Cosmetics Concealer
Again another pricey one but its awesome too. This is a good concealer if you are looking for a lightweight feel but heavy coverage. I still pick creme concealers over this one, just my preference, but this one does wonders also.

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Boi-ing Benefit Concelear
This is a creme concealer. Awesome coverage. I always use a concealer brush even with the creme concealers like this. Bottom line, always use a brush when applying pretty much any type of make up. You've gotta have the right tools if you want the product to be applied correctly and stay on all day.

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Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Waterproof Concealer
I know its a mouth full! But this right here, is my most favorite of all time concealer. It is absolutely amazing. Again its a creme concealer. So it goes on thick. I usually apply it in my trouble areas just like you use a lipstick tube. Then I take a concealer brush and even it out a little. Its made in the tube like this so you don't have to use a brush but I like to even it out. I go through this stuff pretty quick. I guess because you pretty much can just draw all over your face with it! But I love it. I highly recommend this one. My only issue with creme concealers is sometimes they're more likely to crease if you have any little wrinkles under your eyes. I'm not sure how to prevent this. But to me its not a big deal, I just dab my finger on the crease and even it out again during the day if needed.

Do you have any drug store concealers you use that do wonders? What are you faves?

& thanks Tiff for giving me the idea for this post ;)

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  1. Amazing Cosmetics Concealer is my favorite! It makes my face SO flawless, and a little dab does the trick.