Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fave's & Not So Fave's.....

I am the queen of trying out different foundations. As I have mentioned here and here before, I have MAJOR oily skin. I take care of my skin like I should. So its not a lack of hygiene. I guess its just my genes. Here are some of the foundations I have tried recently.....

Revlon Colorstay 24 hrs, Combination/Oily skin. $13.49 CVS
Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1. $11.99 CVS
Neutrogena Shine Control Liquid Make Up SPF 20. $13.99 Walgreens
Rimmel Clean Finish Matte Foundation. around $4 at Walmart
bareMinerals Matte Foundation. $27.00 Sephora
NYX stay matte but not flat foundation $7.49 Ulta

The Revlon is ok. Its not horrible ,but it doesn't do a good enough job as I need to keep my oily skin at bay.

The Covergirl did nothing for me. I was hoping it would since it had the primer in it. But no such luck.

Neutrogena. Nope. It felt almost too thin or something. I needed better coverage.

Rimmel. The only winner out of the bunch. It goes on pretty thick ,but its the only one that kept my skin shine free for the longest. The only problem is I have the lightest color & its still a little bit too dark. I'm pastey apparently. It has a cool little wand inside of it that is attached to the lid which makes it easy to dab on your face.

Bareminerals. I love how easy it is to put on. Very quick & feels really light weight on. But it would wipe right off with a touch of the finger.

NYX. as I mentioned before I hated it. It just looked like it was sitting in my big pores. Making them even more noticeable.

Do you have any problems with your makeup? Do you have any recommendations for the girl with an oil slick face?

& here are some beauty products I love!

Love this stuff! A basic mascara from Covergirl. It does wonders. $4.99 Ulta
NYC Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm $2.99 CVS. Like a chapstick but with color! Love!
Hard Candy eyeshadow. $6 Walmart ABSOLUTELY LOVE! Very similar to the Naked palette
Covergirl Trublend Mineral Loose Powder $8.99 Ulta. Love! Its really pretty for Summer, it has a little shimmer in it
bareMinerals High Shine eyeshadow $12 Ulta, love the oversized eyeshadow applicator! & the colors are fabulous!

What are some of your faves?

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  1. I use the Matte Bare Minerals. I LOVE it!

    1. I loved it too! Wish it work better for me though :-/

  2. Love your reviews on the foundations! My favorite beauty product is "They're Real!" mascara from Sephora. I have never had a mascara make my lashes look that long before!


    1. Thanks! Oh yah I have used that mascara before! I love it too!

  3. I have oily skin too and I hate being shiny. I just always finish with powder. Right now I do either makeup forever mat velvet or urban decay naked skin, and top it with rimmel stay matte powder. So far so good, but those are pricier foundations. I haven't found a drugstore equivalent I like yet.

    1. Me too!! I have heard of the Makeup Forever foundation but havent tried it yet. I would rather not spend too much on foundation but if I found one that worked really good I would buy it!

  4. I have oily skin, too. :( I use Clinique "Even Better" foundation, and it works well for me.

    1. I havent tried that one yet! Thanks for the info :)

  5. Interesting that you had the best luck with Rimmel when they're one the cheapest products! :) I love makeup of all sorts and trying new products out so thanks for sharing!