Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I never thought about anything past 30?........

I had a lunch date the other day with my bestie Amy. We were talking about Andrew & I buying a house and baby's and all that stuff. Ya know, married stuff. Its so weird to me to say I am 24. I still feel like a kid. I feel too young to be this old. lol. Not that I'm OLD but ya know what I mean... I can remember when I was 16 dreaming about one day being married, in my 20s, having baby's etc. It felt like it would never get here. Now I'm in my mid 20s (first time I've ever said that, EW.), married, doing adult things like figuring out our plan to buy a house one day, planning to have baby's (not anytime soon). Its just WEIRD. A good weird. Am I the only one whose felt this way?
Then we started talking about how I will be 25 next year. 25, that's pretty darn close to 30. Which led to me thinking... "ya know, I have really never dreamed about what life will be like past my 20s?" Even more WEIRD. I guess I subconsciously thought I was always going to be a kid. I still feel like a kid. Maybe I just need to keep this mentality my whole life? So I will always be a kid at heart.
Amy is married, Hannah is married and my other bestest friend Bri just got engaged. We are all growing up & starting our adult lives. Its crazy. I guess you dream so hard about growing up when you're younger and how things will be that it just seems like it will always be a dream. (at least that was me anyways) I just never thought we would get to this point. But we have arrived. And life is pretty darn good right now if you ask me. Yeah, we are still figuring things out. We have dreams we haven't gotten to yet ,but that's all a part of life right?

Amy & I getting ready for her wedding. August 2010

Hannah & I getting ready for her wedding. March 2013
Bri & I, one of our many girls nights. 2010
Amy & I on my birthday this year.
Bri, Me & Hannah, one of our many Wednesday nights after church. Eating at our hometown BBQ joint, 08/09? Not sure.
Hannah & I, we are always laughing, I'm thinkin' 2008ish

Not sure what the purpose of this post was but its what was on my mind. Hope you enjoyed. :)

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