Monday, July 29, 2013

I've been MIA

I'm back!!! I know you've missed me. Ha!

Last week was crazy at busy at work. I haven't had time to do anything. So sorry I left y'all hangin!

Whats been going on in my world you say? Well for starters I got to see all 3 of my bestest friends last week! That rarely ever happens. Wednesday night I met up with Bri & Amy for dinner after work. Bri is newly engaged as I mentioned in this post. So of course we discussed wedding plans! I am so excited for her! I can't wait to do all the fun wedding stuff and see her beautiful self walk down the aisle to marry her prince. Its going to BEAUTIFUL.

This is a picture of all our rings! Amy is top left corner, Bri top right & mine bottom left. All of our rings came from the same jeweler so we thought it would be cool to take a picture of all of them & post it on the jewelers FB page! Amy got engaged/married first an told me about Faith Jewelers in Jacksonville, FL. They are a family owned business. They love their customers & do not over charge you like most of the chain jewelers will. I love them! So we all have rings from there. I love it :)

Saturday I had a best friend date with my bestie Han! (who also has a Faith Jewelers ring! check them out seriously.) We went to the nail salon & did a little shopping. We had lunch at... you'll never guess... Newks! Haha. I know you're prob sick of hearing about that place. But I LOVE it. My Ma came and met us to eat lunch too. It was fun having us three together. Like old times!

This is what married best friends do. Grocery shop together of course! Good times :)

After grocery shopping we went back to my place. Then the real fun started! Hannah was trying to avoid hitting my car with her uncles big truck that she was driving, so she tried to turn around in the back yard. And this is what happened.....

She got stuck. LOL.

The back yard was super wet. Its like a friggin swamp around there even if it rains once. (we are in Florida people) So she called her hubby to come pull her out. Well his 4 wheel drive only works when it wants to on his truck. So it resulted in this.....

His truck got stuck too. & it started pouring! Gotta love FL weather.
So it took my Dad coming to pull Han's hubs truck out, THEN my uncle showed up with his 4X4 truck to pull Hannah out. True country life for ya right here. Its a pretty funny story to tell though! After the fiasco I went to meet Andrew at his parents house. We hung out with them for awhile. It was nice to relax & catch up with them.

Sunday after church we went to our favorite barbeque place ever. Mojo's. So good! We ran into my good friend Laree and her family. Laree & I used to sing together in the church band at my parents church. We both have moved onto new churches. She sang at her church for the first time yesterday. We both agreed its kinda weird singing somewhere else & we fill out of place still. I think its gonna take awhile for us to get used to the change though. Her & I both grew up in the same church. Shes in her late 20s. Both our parents have been at the same church since we were born basically. I started singing with her when I was about 14 I think. So we have sang together for about 10 years. WOW. I feel old. I miss singing with her. & her Dad. Who played guitar and sang in the band. Its so easy to harmonize with someone when you have sang together that long. Its amazing, your voices just begin to match each other over the years. If that makes sense. Hopefully we will get to do some events or something together soon. I need my fix!
Andrew & I took a long nap Sunday afternoon which resulted in staying up too late, which results in being SUPER tired today. But hey its Monday, its to be expected.

I will do my best to not be so MIA this week! Hope you guys enjoyed your weekend! Back to the grind!