Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday again?!....

Well I'm sure all of you are feeling the same as I am today. The Monday blues. Even more blue after the holiday weekend. I had to work Friday but the weekend still felt a little longer because I got off early Friday. So it was rough getting out of bed today.

Friday night the hubs & I went to his friends house for a fish fry. It was a lot of fun! & I ate a whole lotta food! Too much food. They had fried fish & shrimp, a low country boil, grits, corn on the cob, peach cobbler, banana pudding & homemade macadamia nut cookies. (I may or may not have tried all the desserts...) After we hung out for awhile & stuffed our faces we went back to Andrews parents house. Where we had been staying since Wednesday night. They were out of town so they let us stay. We both passed out shortly after getting home.

Saturday morning Andrew left really early to go to GA to his huntin' camp. They had to look at some new land or something... Ya know man stuff. So I slept in a little and then went early birthday shopping with my Ma. We started off at a little hair salon/boutique, Zans Bazaar, in the small town next to ours. They had all of their jewelry 50% off! Holla!

My new locket & key bracelet from Zans. LOVE.
I also found this deer head. If I wanted a deer head in my house it would be this one. Its fabulous! I'm sure one day I will have a deer in my house, but it wont be pretty like this one. As mentioned above my husband is a hunter...

Saw this & sent it to my hubs. He agreed. I may or may not be a little bossy. Or a control freak. Who knows....

After we left there we headed to our favorite shopping center about 20 minutes from our small town. Ma got to use the Kirklands gift card I gave her for her bday. They were having a big sale! So we got some pretty good deals. Then we made our way to our favorite little eatery which I have mentioned a few times before. (we're a tad obsessed)

After lunch we did some more shopping around & then made our way to the grocery store. I had to do my wifely duties & get my groceries. Saturday night Andrew & I went to his parents house to hang out with them for awhile. They had just got back from West Virginia. My Mom in law brought me back some Fiesta dishes her family had bought me. The Fiesta factory is in WV and they have a big sale twice a year. My kitchen is in red, black & white. I love it! Fiesta dishes are great because you can cook in the oven with them also. Thanks to my Mom in law I'm now hooked on them. :)

Sunday we had lunch at Nanas as usual & we celebrated my Ma's birthday. Shes turning the big 48 tomorrow. My Nana made her a sour cream pound cake, which is UH MAZING! Its an old recipe that was my great grandmas, whom I never got to meet, but her cake is delicious!

My mom & her faces.. lol

The yummy cake!
Sunday afternoon/night the hubs & I took a little snooze together. I washed some clothes & cooked dinner. I like cooking dinner on Sunday nights because its so relaxed. I'm not rushing home from work to cook. We enjoyed our dinner, then laid down to watch a RedBox movie called "Snitch". It had The Rock in it (I forgot his real name?) The movie was pretty good, but made us stay up later. Which made getting up this morning even worse! But we had a fun weekend. Visited our fam's, good food & relaxed a little. It went by way too fast! I'm already ready for next weekend!

How was your weekend?


  1. I love all of these pictures. That bracelet is soo adorable, and that cake! Ughhh looks so nummy! :):):) Glad you had such a great weekend my dear!

    1. thanks love! it was delish! i ate wayyyy too many desserts this weekend! i blame it on America! haha