Friday, July 5, 2013

A non eventful 'Merica day

Welp. 'Merica day went by way too fast. Back to work today. Which is pretty awful & un-American if you ask me. You should never be required to work the Friday right after a holiday. I am thankful I have a job though. & one that I like for the most part.

I did enjoy my day off though. It started Wednesday night. I got off work at 4:15, a little early so that was nice. Andrew & I went to the AT&T store so we could finally put my line on his phone plan. Only 5 months late ,but hey we've been busy. I got a new phone too, which I was pretty excited about. I had the iPhone 4, upgraded to the iPhone 4s, which was FREE. I love free. My old phone was in good enough condition they gave $100 an something for it so we turned around and used it towards my new phone. & even had a little left over we put towards our next bill. Pretty cool. Then the hubs & I went to Five Guys to get a tasty burger & cajun fries. Yummy. Not good for you at all but we all know you gotta have a hamburger or hotdog in honor of the 4th at some point. After dinner we went to browse around Gander Mountain. Particularly for a gun for me. I just got my concealed weapons permit a week ago so we have been shopping around. After shopping we headed to Andrews parents house. They are out of town this week so they told us we could stay at their house whenever we wanted. Which is awesome! Because its an actual house, we live in a one room apartment. Literally one room. They have a HUGE shower. I love it. & a HUGE bed. We have a queen bed but its not nearly big enough. Andrew is 6'4. So needless to say we really should've went with a king bed. AND their bed is a tempurpedic. UH-MAZING. So we've been on a mini vacation since Wednesday night. We are staying there until tomorrow.

I sent this picture of Andrews moms pups to her when we got to their house. Andrews sister has been taking care of them but they are such spazz's when Mrs. Rhonda is gone. They need their Moma.

Louie & Ollie
Thursday the hubs went golfing so I went refrigerator & dishwasher shopping with my mom and my nana. Her dishwasher died a few months ago & then the fridge started going out a couple weeks ago. When it rains it pours. So finally after going to 3 different places she found exactly what she wanted. Running in and out of all those stores yesterday was so HOT! Florida humidity is in full effect. Not good for a girls hair or makeup. Sweat city y'all. We went to eat lunch at our new fave place Newks, that I have mentioned before. But come to find out it was CLOSED. I mean who closes on the 4th?! They could've made tons of business. We were very disappointed. So we settled for Jimmy Johns. Which was pretty good too. But it cannot take the place of Newks.

On another note, the crazies & whiny kids were in full effect yesterday. One lady was screaming at her kid in the middle of everyone saying how disrespectful he was. And the more people looked at her the louder she got. I am all about disciplining you kids ,but no need to act a fool like that in public. Just give them a little gritted teeth whisper in their ear of how you're going to beat 'em when you get out to the car. Put some fear in them & then make them wait to make it worse. That is what my mom did to me and I turned out pretty darn good. Then in Jimmy Johns there was a little boy just whining for no reason. Just to whine. It was beyond annoying. I know kids will be kids but STILL. It made me realize even more how not ready I am for kids. I have no patience. Neither does Andrew. We are so not ready. And I am a little afraid of what our kids are going to be like. Not that Andrew & I were horrible kids ,but we had our days. & we are both stubborn & headstrong. Its all going to come back to us I'm sure. Lord help us.

Thursday night Andrew & I went to dinner with my rents & my little brother. We all wanted to go see fireworks but it was raining so we didn't even attempt it. We did see some fireworks on the way home from the car. So we got a little sparkle in for the 4th.

My 4th selfie. I didn't have any red white & blue to wear. I know, fail.

My Daddy. Doing what he does, working on his day off. He never stops. His hat just cracks me up. Gotta love my Dad.

& then there's today. I had to get up early for work while my hubs stayed in the bed because hes off today. It made it even worse having to work today. BLAH. Hopefully it goes fast... Ok I am really done whining now. I'm starting to sound like the whiny kid from yesterday.

Hope you all enjoyed the 4th! :) 


  1. i had to work today too! Ugh... at least you saw some fireworks right?!

    1. UGH! it sucks!... yeh! some is better than none! :)

  2. The crazies sure do come out on national holidays. For realz.

  3. Came by to say hello from the The Great Blog Train #7. You have a lovely blog. Looking forward to following your posts.


    1. thank you so much! i am visiting your blog right now! :)