Friday, July 12, 2013

It's I hate pants Friday!!!!

I mean really? Who around here likes pants? NO ONE.

Especially smack dab in the middle of a FL summer.

Every morning when I have to put the blasted things on...

I am having a full on hate relationship with my pants right now. I have to wear them to work obviously. It would be nice to wear yoga pants to work like Miss Whitney. But I work with a bunch of men & we all know how nice yoga pants make your booty look. I don't need that attention. Or want.

Pants are just so un-comfy! I would rather wear a dress. Now those are comfy. But like I said above, can't wear certain things to work.

The pants might not be so un-comfy if I would eat a little healthier. I'm trying y'all.

Everyday when I get home from work. Just ask my husband.... (we all know he's not complaining)

One day this may present an issue when I have kids & they're old enough to notice mommy has no pants on.

Happy Friday y'all!


  1. I've been wearing Nike running shorts pretty much every day all summer so far. Pants are for suckers.

  2. Pants are horrible. I could wear dresses or skirts to work but then I get here and it's a freaking ice box and I cry for pants and sweater. I just can't win.

    1. Yehhh I might actually be in that predicament too! Its a lose lose situation! :(

  3. hahaha this is hilarious. love all the gifs - they're perfect. I'm a dress gal myself, can't stand blasted pants! :)