Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Venus Embrace Sensitive #ItsNotMe VoxBox!

I got my second #VoxBox from Influenster!

I don't know about you, but I have really sensitive skin. Especially when it comes to shaving! My legs usually always break out with little razor bumps after shaving. I've tried shaving with baby oil, really thick shaving creams, soaking my legs in warm water before shaving, exfoliating my legs etc... etc.... ETC! Nothing ever seems to do the trick though. Its kind of a gamble. I never know what my skin is going to do.

So I was pretty excited when I got picked for the Venus #VoxBox! It came with 2 razor heads with the aloe soap around the razor & the nifty little hook to hang on the shower wall. I love that it has five blades! Yes 5! I have coarse hair on my legs (I know gross!) so I need all 5 of those blades!

My first initial thought when looking at the razor packaging was "How the heck am I suppose to open this thing?!" Because you know more often times than not razors packs are hard to get into! But then I flipped the package over and realized you just open the little lid on the back.(pictured above^) How easy! No scissors needed or any other sharp object you've tried to use before to open your razor pack. :)

When using the razor it felt like I wasn't even shaving! I love the aloe soap around the razor. It helps give that smooth finish you're looking for. After I was done I didn't have any razor bumps at all! Score! I am definitely going to continue to use this razor. My skin tends to act up a lot but I am hoping this razor will keep working its magic!

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