Friday, November 21, 2014

CVS Winter 2014 Beauty Clearance Sale - 50%-75% off!

I don't know if you guys have heard but CVS is having a big beauty sale!!!!
I first heard about it from my cousin Tiffany (thanks Tiff!). So I've been checking all the CVS stores near me to find the goods!

Here are some pics I took in my local CVS closest to my house.

NYC bronzer

NYC Applelicious Glossy Lip Balms

Rimmel BB creams

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation

Rimmel Lip Lacquers
One of my purchases, $1.32 y'all!

I have to say I am not totally impressed with the selection in my CVS. I have checked 2 other CVS stores near my work and they didn't have much either. I did manage to get a handful of products. I will be posting a mini haul on my Youtube Channel this weekend.

I searched the sale on Google the other day just to see what I could find. Here is a post I found with a list of the items that are on sale.'

On a side note, check the expiration dates on the Rimmel foundations. I wasn't really aware of foundations having an expiration dates? But the Rimmel ones did & I picked up one that was out of date. So look close for that.

Although I am a little disappointed in the selection at my local CVS, I am excited to try the few products out that I did get!  Check out your CVS to see what goodies you can find!

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