Monday, November 24, 2014

Holiday Recipe Roundup

Happy Monday folks! & I can say HAPPY Monday, because I can see a 4 day weekend ahead!
Lots of yummy food, time with the fam & LOTS of shopping! That is what my extended weekend will be consisting of!

So speaking of FOOD, you may have read this post from me recently. So delish!
For more deliciousness for your holiday you need this - the HOLIDAY RECIPE ROUNDUP!
With Simple Moments Stick!

via Simple Moments Stick

So be a doll & go check it out! There are LOADS of tasty recipes to choose from for your Thanksgiving dinner! Thanks to Susannah for hosting the roundup!

I hope you have a short work week & a longggggggggg Thanksgiving vaca with your family & friends! Happy Thanksgiving :)

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