Friday, December 5, 2014

These are a few of my favorite things....

Happy Friday!!! & almost Merry Christmas! My favorite time of year!

Its Christmas time so of course I have to share my wish list :)

#1 Riding Boots

Specifically, these riding boots! Preferably in black or brown will work fine too. I wanted these last year too but they were sold out like everywhere! Hopefully Santa will be bringing me these this year :)

#2 Massage!
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Oh the glory's of a massage! Deep tissue and/or hot stones! My neck and shoulders are hard as rocks ALL THE TIME. I sit at a desk all day and I am an inside stress-er. Therefore tight shoulders and neck. My dream would be able to get a massage like every other week. How amazing would that be?

#3 Lorac Unzipped Palette and/or Stila Eyes Are The Window Palette in color Soul
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source Google

These two palettes are seriously amazing!! Gorgeous colors! I NEED these. Yes, Need. I mentioned the Stila palette before. The obsession is still going strong.

#4 MakeUp Storage
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& of course I need something to put those palettes in! My makeup collection is over flowing on my bathroom counter. I am DESPERATE need of some makeup storage.

#5 Rhythms of Grace
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I text Santa a link to order this book (a.k.a my hubs) for me. I saw a friend of mine on instagram post this book & how much she loved it. So I had to check it out! I am almost done with my other devotional book Whispers of Hope by Beth Moore. So gotta have something new to read! :)

What is on your wish list this year?

Hope you have a Merry Friday :)


  1. I am so glad that you found my blog & that led me to find your blog! I feel like we have such similar taste its CRAZY! but boots and makeup what can go wrong? I know that I am getting 2 pairs of boots for Christmas & I can't wait! Cannot wait to read more!!

    1. Me too!! I am loving your blog! Lucky you! Boots are my favorite. I think I may be getting some too :) Thanks so much for stopping by!