Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Little Tuesday Morning Controversy

I usually stay away from controversial topics on my blog.

BUT I just had to share this post.

If you do not currently follow Matt Walsh, you should be. I love the way he writes. & his sarcasm is an extra plus.

Unless you live under a rock, I am sure you have heard about Kendall Jones by now. The cheerleader who shot a lion in Africa. Basically.

Read the article for yourself & make your own assumptions.

I completely support Kendall Jones & this is why:

#1 What she did was legal

#2 The meat of the animals she killed went to feed a local village in Africa

#3 The money she pays for the hunting permit also benefits the community

Matt Walsh takes the issue everyone is raving about and presents an even bigger issue. The level of concern regarding the millions of babies that are killed in the US every year doesn't even slightly resemble the outrage towards Kendall Jones. & that folks is quite depressing. Society has things so backwards its sickening.

But like I said... Read the article.

Do some research & educate yourself.


  1. This has been very interesting to see it play out in the media for sure! I love Matt Walsh!