Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Life Lately

I feel like I am never good at starting a post. Like now for instance. This is why I never did very well in creative writing/english class. Anty-ways.... On to my post. :)

1. The Hubs & I have been watching One Tree Hill. I watched this show religiously in high school but then I kinda quit keeping up with it once I graduated. So I haven't completely seen the last few seasons. Watching it takes me back to my high school days. #TBT We just got done with the episode where Dan shoots Keith. I cried of course. I've cried about almost everything on this show. I'm such a big baby! I still hate Dan. Peyton is a pathetic helpless girl ALL THE TIME. & Brooke is still my fave. (sidenote: Andrew told me I am a Brooke & a little bit of a Hailey mixed in because I'm a nerd. Ha!... I promise he does say nice things to me most of the time)

2. I have been reading Whispers of Hope: 10 weeks of devotional prayer by Beth Moore the past few weeks. It was recommended by my fellow blogger Nikki. I am loving it. It helps you outline your prayer time & have some order to it. Sometimes I feel like I just ramble on in my prayers. I throw in some thank yous, prayers for my family & husband and a "please let today be a good day Lord". I really just wanted some guidance in my devotional/prayer time. & I feel like this devotional has given me exactly that. Also it has been a challenge for me to get up earlier in the morning to actually have time to sit down & do my devotion. I am not a morning person by any means. If you have read my blog for any length of time you know that. Not that you have to do a devotion in the morning time, but that has been my goal. For me personally I feel like it gets my mind in the right place. A positive place.... So check this devotional out! & thank you Nikki for the recommendation :)

3. Only 8 days (not counting today) until my best friend Han & I will be St. Augustine bound for a girls weekend! & for Hans bday on 8/11! St Aug is only about 45 minutes to an hour away from where we live so its a perfect little trip for us.We haven't been able to take a trip together in forever it seems like. We've been busy getting married & such in the past 2 years. So we are excited just to get a way for a little bit & do all the best things girls do together. Shop, eat, sleep & repeat. :) (I am so serious about the eating part, be prepared for multiple #foodselfies on my insta if you follow)

4. What is up with all the plane crashes going on around the world lately?! Its crazy! Needless to say I won't be flying international anytime soon.

5. Unless you live under a rock I'm sure you know who Miranda Lambert is. Which leads me to believe you know who the Pistol Annies are. (if not you're missing out on life) Which leads me to Ashley Monroe. She is a member of Pistol Annies but also has 2 solo cds out. I LOVE her. She has an amazing voice. I would say similar to the style of Dolly Parton. If you like old school country music. Check her out. My favorite song of hers right now is You Got Me.

6. Have you heard about Blake Livelys new site? I read about it in an article yesterday & did a little browsing around. I am in love with this little tea stand. Not that I plan on having any tea party's anytime soon. But I LOVE IT! I could use it as a centerpiece or put it on my buffet area in my kitchen. My kitchen is in red & black damask print. It would flow perfectly. Its also $185 dollhairs. (insert gun emoji here) BANG! Little pricey. But a girl can dream. Also I would love one of these. Lavender or Sandalwood please. (ya know just in case someone is looking to buy me a gift or something)
(check out some of other wants on my Luvocracy page)

7.I finally joined the club & got myself a eos lip balm. Smells lovely. Haven't decided if I love it just yet. I have super dry lips & I have yet to be impressed by any particular lip balm giving me that extra moisture I need.  Have any suggestions?

8. I ordered myself a new phone case off Amazon a couple of weeks ago. I cannot not have an Otterbox type case. I drop my phone entirely way too much. But Otterboxes are also stupidly expensive. High five for finding a knock off that doesn't cost 50 bucks AND its cute!

& with that I am going to end my post. Because it makes my little OCD brain happy to end on an even number. But then almost not because I really should've ended on #10. #thestruggle


  1. I loveee that site, but I cannot drop the money on any of that stuff, even as much as I want too:)

    1. I feel ya girl! Its a little out of my price range ;)