Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Its been awhile

Borrowing this post from Marquis! Check her out!

watching: the abc family show Young & Hungry with Emily Osment. 2 episodes in. Its pretty funny, maybe more cheesy funny. But I'm a cheesy kinda gal. Ask my husband. :)
excited: for my little weekend trip to St Augustine next month with my bestest!
loving: my sweet hubs.
annoyed: with the humidity in FL. Boo!
missing: sitting on the front porch of my Hubs grandparents house in WV
obsessed: cute coffee cups, home decor etc
craving: a good southern home cooked meal.
enjoying: the quietness at work, which is rare.
wondering: what life will be like one day if we ever jump on the baby train.
laughing: with my husband a lot lately. i love it.
wishing: me & the best friend could start our little produce/jam selling business & quit our jobs. we come up with some random ideas from time to time.
wearing: skinny jeans, flops & neon yellow bright stoppin' traffic striped shirt.
drinking: currently water. earlier my hazelnut cream coffee. delish.
wanting: to be back in WV on vaca with my love
looking: for a good devotional book.
waiting: on 5 o'clock.
smelling: B&BW's Provence Collection Lavender Blossom hand soap. UH-MAZING. & of course they have discontinued it :(
thinking: about the weekend. Can it get her faster please?!
feeling: relaxed. rolling over from vacation, lets hope it stays this way.
smiling: because my life if pretty great.

Happy Wednesday :)


  1. Have you ever done the Beth Moore Whispers of Hope devotion? it's 90 days (I think) and it's AWESOME! Highly recommend it! and I agree on the humidity here in TN - UGH!

    1. I haven't looked into any of the Beth Moore devotionals! I'm going to check it out! Thanks for the recommendation :)