Monday, August 5, 2013

So basically I'm going to be a size -A cup?

MONDAY. NOBODY LIKES YOU! Especially when I was sleeping like a rock & my alarm goes off. Boo! I'm done whining now I guess.....

So I get these email updates of articles on the Huffington Post. Anyone else read those? Last week I got one that read "9 Things Nobody Ever Tells You About Post-Pregnancy Bodies". I knew when I saw the title I shouldn't read it. Because I am already terrified of having a child. Like the actual birthing. I don't do pain. Or needles. Or blood. I'm a wuss I know. Also, getting fat, stretch marks, back pain (that I already have enough of), hormones (yeh def got enough of those too), not sleeping comfortably (don't mess with my sleep!) etc etc etc. Obviously I am just not at the point that I am ready to over look all that nonsense to have a child. So anyways I read this article. Which after I sent this text to my husband.

Gotta love my hubs! But for real though. Ashli's getting some new boobs. I have no boobs as it is now.

To sum the article up, if you don't want to read it, it says:

-Your bladder may fail
-You'll lose your hair
-You'll sweat more
-Your vagina will be bigger (and maybe a little gassy)......... Seriously?!!
-You'll lose a cup size
-Your breasts could leak for a long time
-You'll see spots on your face
-Your feet will be bigger
-Your overall shape will change (nah really?!)

None of these things are comforting at all. I am so not ready to be prego yet.

Did you experience any of these things when you were prego/after having the baby?


  1. So I need to have a baby so I can get small boobs!

    1. maybe that will work?!?! oh the joys of being a female.....

  2. bahahaa--girls need to know these things! "having a baby" is on our list--maybe next year, but i've heard TONS of wives tales. growing feet? I can handle it--my feet are small now, and having to get a new shoe closet? cool!

    1. i have heard so many horror stories!... well i am already a size 7 1/2 shoe, i dont need to grow anymore! lol

  3. Replies
    1. I know right!! I really shouldnt have read it!