Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What you can learn from Duck Dynasty

I am not an "outdoorsy" type of girl. Never have been. & even though my husband may try to make me one, it will probably never happen. I don't hunt. Or anything like that. I am down for riding four wheelers in the woods though. That's fun, don't deny it. & if we ever had the chance to shoot hogs from helicopters in Texas I would be down for that too. (its on some crazy tv show on one of the billion hunting channels my hubs watches) I know I sound like a complete redneck right now ,but seriously shooting hogs (that are disgusting, a nuisance, & they stink) with an automatic weapon from a helicopter?! Sounds like a whole lot of fun to me. Don't judge me!.... Back to my point, my husband loves watching Duck Dynasty on A&E.

My husband wishes he could grow a beard like this. Thank God he can't!

I have to admit I'm pretty fond of the show my self. Its pretty hilarious. Especially Uncle Si. He's always got a piece of advice to give. Here's some of the things you can learn from Uncle Si....

1. Slow down America! Naps & sweet tea. That's all you need.

2. Don't drop your weenie! LOL... I mean, he's right, who wants a to eat a hot dog with a side of dirt?

3. Call your ex on the carpet when they give you the ole' "oh its not you, its me..."

4. We've had the term "brain freeze" wrong all along..... its actually a "sneeze"

5. Don't let your man buy "pretty tires".... Next thing you know he'll be metro.

6. If you are married/dating a outdoorsy type of man/redneck (whatever you prefer to call him) buy him a Bass Pro Shop gift card....

7. Men, know how to handle your lady.

8. You gotta have confidence.

9. Don't care what other people think!

10. & again! High five for naps :)

Seriously though if you've never seen the show, watch it! Hilarious.


  1. Haha. These quotes are hilarious. :) I've never watched the show, but a lot of my family and friends rave about it.

    -Haylee @ www.jetsandabrunette.blogspot.com

    1. you should watch it! its pure entertainment! lol :)

      thanks for stopping by!