Friday, May 9, 2014


With Mothers Day right around the corner I had to share some favorite pics of the two most important ladies in my life.

I won't know exactly what it means to be a mom until I am a mom myself one day. (maybe) But as I've come into my adult life I can look back and realize how much my mom sacrificed for me. & still does today. She put her heart & soul into my life. She made me who I am today. She showed me what being an amazing mom is really all about. I love you Ma :)

I couldn't have asked for a better mom-in-law. She raised my husband to be the amazing man that he is today. Shes a beautiful person inside & out. She is such a loving selfless woman. I thank God for my mom-in-law. She is awesome :)

Love on your mom this weekend & really show/tell her how much you appreciate her. Moms deserve far more appreciation than we could ever give them.

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