Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sunday at the Farm

Why yes it is Wednesday! & yes I am just now doing a weekend update post! :)

Sunday my best friend Han & I went to an event in our hometown called "Sunday at the Farm" Market Day at NaVera Farms. I had never even heard about it until one of my co workers told me about it. I thought it would be a cool thing to do on Sunday afternoon just to get out of the house. & it helped that it was absolutely gorgeous weather Sunday! We've had some pretty gloomy days off & on here in FL lately. So the sunshine was nice.

The event had all kinds of vendors who were selling their home made goods/products. There were home made jams, organic honey, crafts, organic baked goods, organic livestock feed, organic fruits & veggies etc! The event was all about educating on organic, natural products & the way the farm cares for their animals & plant life through organic methods. To be honest I really do not have much knowledge on the organic lifestyle ,but this event really sparked my interest.

some of the yummy home made jams! & they even let us do a taste test! :)

Delicious honey! "Stubbees" Check out their Facebook page!

I don't believe the Hawaiian Ice was organic but it was yummy!
Also a product I purchased but forgot take a pic of was Harlows' All Natural spray in Florida Rain scent. (I know I complain about FL rain but this stuff smells amazing!) Check their products out here.

Sunday at the Farm was fun & educational! & I got to spend the afternoon with my best friend Han. (the best part!) Of course Han & I forgot to take a pic together! Oh well, it was an awesome best friend date anyways!

Later Sunday afternoon the Hubs dragged me along to go golfing with him. I say dragged because I wasn't too excited about going because I don't golf. So I thought I would be bored. But I have to say I had a lot of fun. I drove the cart while the Hubs played 18 holes. (see I did pay attention!) I was pretty much his "caddy" (is that how you spell that? lol) I drove him around, kept score & pulled the flag out of the little hole when he went to putt. (I think I said that right? Ya know, golf lingo) It was gorgeous weather outside & it was nice to just spend some quality time with my man. & I caught some pretty awesome shots of my Hubs.

Isn't he the cutest? :)

Pretty cool shot. I caught the club bending.

Practice swings

Swing baby swing!

& I would like to say those bright red organish shorts are courtesy of me. :) He always looks the part when he plays. Now he just has to keep at it & get on the tour so I can quit my job! Ha! & we forgot to take a pic together also. FAIL.

So after all the crazy FL rain on Saturday this past weekend, Sunday turned out to be a nice fun relaxing day!

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