Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Happiest Place on Earth

Captain of the struggle bus today. That would be me. I'm so tired my face hurts. Anyone else have this issue? No? Just me? I should really go to bed earlier ,but last night I had to stay up to watch my show NASHVILLE! Do you watch? If not you're missing out! The season finale is next week sooooo you should probably catch up! :)

Last weekend my Ma & I took a little mini vaca to our favorite place... Disney! We had one day left on our tickets so of course we had to go ASAP. It actually seemed a little less crowded than last time we went a couple of months ago. It was pretty warm, but not unbearable. Its getting into those awful temps here in Florida. There is nothing like FL heat & humidity. & I don't mean that in good way!

Necklace & glasses from Charlotte Russe

On the way to Orlando

Ready for the day with our ears on of course! :)

We had a blast! We rode all of our favorite rides. & had WAY too many sweets! Disney has a cart on every corner with ice cream, slushies, cookies, churros (OMG THE CHURROS) ETC ETC ETC!
Of course we fit some shopping into the trip! Duh! My Ma & I will always find a place to shop on vacation. We have a radar for it. Ha! It was a perfect girls trip.
& again I will say... Disney does not help my desire to have children whatsoever. If you have a little bit of baby fever going on, just take you a little trip to Disney for the day. I promise you will be cured within 2 minutes of being there.

Funny story... On the way home from Orlando we stopped to get gas. Well it seemed that my Ma stopped at the shadiest gas station in Orlando. When I went inside the store to pay I get in line & ya know just minding my own business. A guy standing in front me says (very loudly) "Danggggg we got Miley Cyrus in here tuhhh-dayyyy!" Yes exactly like that. I just kept staring at my wallet. Then it dawned on me... Miley Cyrus? Really? I am pretty sure I am not naked and/or have my tongue hanging out. GROSS. But I'm guessing he had to be referring to Hannah Montana Miley. I have long hair like she did then, that is THE ONLY resemblance. Apparently he hasn't seen the hot mess that is Miley Cyrus these days?

On a side note. I have some big news! NO I am not prego. But YES I will be going back to school in the fall. I have been thinking about it for a long time now. I'm totally terrified to go back to be honest. But I know its going to better my future & my career. My current employer will reimburse me for part of the tuition also because it relates to my position. So I am pretty excited! I know its going to be hard with working a full time job ,but I know I can do it if I just put my mind to it. & that is exactly what I plan to do.

Hope you have an awesome Thursday! :)

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